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TWA - Time with Abba

What is TWA - 'Time with Abba'?

  1. TWA is spending your prime time with God so to walk with Him during your ordinary times.
  2. TWA is when Abba Father 'refathers' His children whom He has regained from the world.

What is the purpose of 'Time with Abba'?

  1. To exchange the gloomy state of human existence with the glorious reality of God.
  2. To claim our full inheritance as children of the promise by praying through the entire Bible.
  3. To put on new garment for sons and daughters of the Almighty God by receiving healing and transformation through the Cross.
  4. To partner with Jesus in the work of intercession to bring all tribes and nations into His Kingdom.

What is the best time to have 'Time with Abba'?

For Abba
- Jesus rose up early to spend time with His Father.
- '... and I spoke to you, rising up early and speaking...' - Jeremiah 7:13

For His children
- We purposely give Abba the first portion of our day when we have the least distractions.
- We intentionally rise up early to spend time with Him before we meet with anyone else.

How To Spend Time With Abba (TWA)?

  1. READ – Scribing - Exercising and reclaiming the gift of obedience to the FATHER in order to receive His inheritance as His son/daughter:

    1. Scribe down the entire Psalm verses.
    2. Then read out loud verbally as they go through both OT and NT passages and jot down without contemplating on the words that jump out at you regarding:
      1. Nature, virtues and actions of God
      2. Nature, condition, character and sins of men
      3. Godly inheritance as promised by Abba to His children
    3. Then scribe the entire Proverb verses.
  2. REFLECT – Color Coding - Exercising and reclaiming the gift of freedom led by the HOLY SPIRIT to identify what has been recorded:

    1. Nature, virtues and actions of God - BLUE
    2. Nature, condition, character and sins of men - RED
    3. Godly inheritance as promised by God to His children - GREEN
  3. RESPOND – Personal Intercession - Accessing the Christ-like characters by praying to the Father through the SON Jesus Christ based on what has been digested after color-coding:

    1. Praise - Praising the nature, virtues and actions of God.
    2. Confess - Confessing and repenting from the nature, condition, character and sins of self and others, i.e. bloodline, cities and nations.
    3. Renounce - Cutting demonic ties and curses with the authority and power given to the child of God as a result of confession.
    4. Declare - Declaring over self and others the God-given rights and inheritance as promised by the Father.
  4. REST – Listening Prayer - In silence wait to hear the VOICE OF GOD:

    1. As you wait, ask the Lord to fill you with His HOLY SPIRIT and give you eyes and ears of the Spirit.
    2. As you wait, you may have impressions of words or pictures.
    3. Jot down or draw the words or pictures as you hear and see in the Spirit.

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