March 7 - Your Inner Voice

The first verse from the reading of the Psalms sees a personification of transgression, speaking to the wicked, deep in his heart. As the wicked listens to this inner voice, he has no fear of God, becomes self-centered, flattering himself and thinks that no one is to find out his iniquity. He speaks trouble and deceit. He has ceased to act wisely and do good. He plots trouble and sets himself on the wrong way. In the end, he does not reject evil but becomes a part of it.

We are told by psychologists or therapists to listen to our own inner voice, to find ourselves, to uncover our inner potentials, to discover our passion and follow it, to center on ourselves, and so on. This can be dangerous. Other than the voice of God, all other voices are to be rejected. The voice of the self, the world and the devil are there to entrap us into sin. Transgression speaks loudly, challenging us to test God’s limits and to disobey Him just for thrills. One would become foolish and depart from the path of the wise if he follows the other voices. These voices bring darkness into our lives instead of light.

All of us need guidance for the future and the understanding of our past. The voices that focus on the past is often times not the heavenly voice. Aaron lit the lampstand so that all the lamps would light up the front, not the rear. The Word of the Lord is like a lamp unto our feet, not our back. His gentle voice would guide us as we listen. God will not make us feel guilty about what has happened but direct us to the right path. Psalm 36 describes the abundance of the mountain of God, there is abundant feasting, refuge from danger, drinking from the river of His delights and taking in the fountain of life. In His light, we shall see light!

Do not dwell on the past, they are gone and through God’s forgiveness, we are healed and can go forward. The voice from your inner child of the past is not real but fabricated. The voices of the self, the world and the devil would never stand the scrutiny of the Word of God. Pause now to listen to His voice. What is God saying to you? Write it down and see if the voice is from God or from other sources.

Fighting our own inner voices is the first step in victory over sin. The devil often throws thoughts at us. The first thought is always a temptation and you do not need to own it. You may either reject it or entertain it. Entertaining an inner voice from the devil means sin and death; rejecting it means you are controlled by the Holy Spirit and you obtain a victory. Speak to the devil, command evil thoughts to leave you. Cleanse your mind with the Word of God daily and test every inner voice. Take control today and refuse all evil thoughts!

Ps 36:1-12 Num 8:1-9:23 Mark 13:14-37 Prov 10:29-30


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