June 18 - God’s Special Agents

Angels are spirit beings, ministering to those who are to inherit salvation. They stand at attention in God’s presence and are dispatched to do God’s bidding. Five times in today’s reading, angels are mentioned. Maybe this is the way that God opens up our eyes to the spiritual realm. As most of our eyes are fixed on the physical realities, we are less sensitive to the things of the spirit. Other than the presence of God in the world and in our lives, there are also spirit beings called the angels, or special messengers of God. They can play a part in our lives.

When the prophet Elijah was afraid of the threats made by Jezebel, he ran as far south as he could to preserve his life. He was depressed, defeated despite of a great victory earlier, gave up and wanted God to take his life. He compared himself to his fathers and found himself not worthy. As he layed under a broom tree, an angel of the Lord went and touched him, offered him food and water. After he had eaten, he fell back into sleep again to which the angel touched him a second time, telling him, “Arise and eat, for the journey is too great for you.” So with the strength of that angel food, he went forty days and forty nights to Mount Horeb to continue God’s mission for him. God used the angel to revive his spirit and his body so that he could go on. How we need such help in times of despair and discouragement.

Peter also had an experience with the angel of the Lord. While he was in prison, the angel visited him, shone brightly in the cell and struck him on the side and woke him. Eventually Peter was freed from the two chains that bound him and was led out of the prison. As Peter went outside, he realized that it was the Lord who had sent His angel and rescued him from the hand of Herod and the Jewish people. As he went to the house of Mary where other disciples gathered to pray, those that were there thought that Peter was his angel. The belief in angels was common in that day and age. It is a spiritual reality for today as well. When you are in trouble, God can send His angel to help and deliver you today.

God did not only send His angels to arouse those in spiritual slumber, to give them food, to free those in prison, the angels are also special agents in carrying out God’s judgment. After Herod gave his speech and did not give glory to God, immediately an angel of the Lord struck him down by sending worms to eat him up alive. A few times in the Old Testament, God sent His angels to judge His people through plagues. The angels ministered to God by carrying out God’s plan.

In your every day life, do you recognize the reality of God and His angels? You are not to pray to the angels but can ask God to send them to help you. Do you know that angels are there to minister to you? Ask God to send help now.

Ps 135:8-14 1 Kgs 19:1-21 Acts 12:1-23 Prov 17:14-15


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