Speaking of His Glory



Testimony 1

Through PCS, I received the mother’s hug that I was so longing for. I yearned for my mother’s love, but because of some reasons, I rejected her and could not accept her love. After re-parenting 6 weeks ago, the Lord showed me that he had purposed for me to be on this earth, that he had planned for me to come even if I was conceived 3 months prior my parent’s marriage. Because of this, I was able to receive my mother’s hug. Her original feelings of shame were now being transformed in joy and dancing over me. I belonged and I could rest. I also received healing of my mind via the healing of memories. The Lord showed me that the enemy had been deceiving me. This is why I was so judgmental or interpreted people’s action so negatively. He showed me that he was rewiring my mind and giving me a sound mind. I also was delivered from shame from my sexual sin. I also was encouraged to be a greater communion with God by spending time with Abba every day. Listening and seeing other people committing their time to God life that encouraged me and people committing their time to God life that encouraged me and I want to keep doing time with Abba every day until I die.


Testimony 2

I had such amazing experience with God. I went into PCS not prepared. During PCS, as I was forgiving my family, God started to put memories in my head, good or bad. I continued to receive memories. He started to remind one of the amazing times I had with Him and my family. He began to heal me from all pain, hurt and lies that was put into my mind. One of the last days when we were confessing our sexual sins, I was blessed with the holy water and began to break down into tears. I began screaming to God at the top of my lungs hoping that the Holy Spirit would come upon me. But in fact, the Holy Spirit was upon me the entire time without me knowing it. After crying out to God, I started confessing and asking for forgiveness. Afterwards, I was able to share my confession with my group leader. I would normally break down into tears when I confession. But this time is different. I was able to share these stories without breaking down into tears because I confessed all these sins before God. I poured out my tears while confessing so I was able to speak clearly. I always thought that I never experienced the Holy Spirit before, but coming to PCS I noticed that every time I was worshiping, every time I was praying, confessing, praising, giving all the glory to God, I would feel shivers from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I know from then on that I was feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit for such a long time already. Thank God for teaching me what TWA really mean. I thank God for teaching me him to fee Gods love and God forgiveness, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. I love u Jesus.


Testimony 3

I was in a really dark place 2 days before PCS. I was glad I made it after 5 days of cleansing and revealing. I can feel my heart is so much lighter and my shoulders are too. It’s amazing how so many painful hurts that has been “forgotten”. The pain, the hurt, the anger was washed away. Thank God for the perfect priests for me. Thank God for the hugs that is long desired. Thank God for the safe place to cry, to confess, to be forgiven. Thank God for my husband to release me to do this. My deepest prayer is one day all my family members can receive this blessing as well. It will be such a beautiful picture to have four of us eating your daily bread in the morning together, we can all strive to be what you have designed us to be.


Testimony 4

I released from the pains, pressure, hurt from my parents, siblings, friends, classmates. I believed that I have set free by the blood of Jesus Christ. Also, I met God here and enjoyed into God’s presence. I experienced Holy Spirit and learnt a new tongue.


Although I didn’t get the hug from people when Thursday night, but instead of I got the hug from the heavenly father. I received a lot of blessings that I never know before but it meet my heart. The most important thing is I renewed myself and now I can accept all the things from God and learn to do like what Jesus does. And I want to bless all the pastors, ushers, servants and students in PCS in Jesus Name.


Testimony 5

My life was filled with fear and shame, fear of the future and shame of my failure. I was bound in the lies of the devil with no hope for escape. I hated that I continued my appearance of holiness while privately I know my life was polluted with sin. The strongholds of sin were too strong for me to break alone, but it was not too strong for God. Through PCS, God revealed to me the rest of my sin, the fear of the future and its uncertainty. As I brought my burdens to the cross, God washed my dirty hands with his blood. He clothed me in white linen and lifted me up. I realized I had been chasing after the recognition of the world, success by society’s standards. Now I am free of such meaningless pursuits. Instead, I have been called into His purpose so that I will have recognition in heaven, so that I may step into his kingdom at the end and be called his good and faithful servant. God’s will is now my will and his strength my strength. My shame is no more, but victory has been won. I thank and praise my savior and king for his unending love and faithfulness in my life. Jesus, my life is forever yours. Amen


Testimony 6

Through this PCS, I have gained a Daddy, a Savior, my strength whom I can lean on, I have rest now. I have reclaimed my mind and have devoted it to Jesus. I was a slave, bound & chained. Parts of me were dying if not already dead. I was so consumed in darkness that I saw no way out. But Jesus, the Lamb that was slain delivered me and his is worthy. Jesus set me free from my parents and the “debt” I felt like I owed them. Jesus set me free from my sexual sins and my romantic fantasies. I know now, without a doubt that God made me whole and he is the only one I need. The Lord gave me rest and I can now relax in his arms of love. I am now no longer afraid to pray, afraid of the evil spirits and demons. They have no hold over me any longer. I remembered the peace, joy, and satisfaction that TWA brings me and now it effects my whole day. I now can rely on the strength of God to help me share to people in my life about what God has done in my life. Jesus gave me my life back and I choose to follow the Lamb for he is worthy.


Testimony 7

I feel fresh and more confident that I am in God’s path. As a beginner, I only know God for 2 months. God guided me to PCS, He wants me to learn from the right authority. After 5 days of learning, I put all my sorrow, anger, self-pity into God’s hand. God even let me suffer a minor demonic attack last night so that I can learn how to defend myself from PCS teachers while I am still in PCS. I learn that it was my fear that opened the door for demon last night, so I need to be fearless in the spiritual warfare. It is amazing that I feel like a brand new me. 5 days ago I was depressed and feeling hopeless. Yet as the classes go on, each day I feel the differences within me. Now I have peace and believe that I have the authority and power from God to fight and living daily life, even though there will be more challenges ahead. Thank you Jesus. I am grateful.


Testimonies 8

Before coming to PCS, I was broken by shame, stress and anger. I expected a lot, I expected healing. However, I had unbelief. I didn’t believe that God would completely free me from bondage. I doubted him. As I sat through session, Pastor Poon talked about being baptized in the Holy Spirit and Auntie Lillian spoke about the importance of doing TWA and having intimacy with God. I think that’s one of the main things I got out of PCS that if I don’t have intimacy with God. I can’t go out to minister to others throughout the week, I really received being in Jesus’s sweet presence, sitting at the foot of the cross, enjoying the spirit. I was Mary, not working or trying to get God’s favor, but soaking in the spirit. The Holy Spirit was so good this week. On the right of inner healing. I received a lot of joy. I think it’s one of the first times I felt happiness in a long time. One thing that God spoke to me that touched my heart was he said, “I restore you as my daughter.” My being is in God. I realized the importance of breaking off strongholds, hurts, and the generational sins. Without it, I can’t completely reach God. As I broke off the bondage, I felt free in the spirit. I am God’s precious daughter. My home is in the kingdom of God. I can’t wait for the day I return home.


Testimonies 9

God has given me a new identity. When I first came to PCS. I felt intimidated because of my age & spiritual maturity. But God encountered me & broke the spirit of intimidation. Because of Jesus Christ, I have the power and authority to claim Jesus Christ in my bloodline, in my family & in me. I don’t have to live in my past, in my sin because God is calling me into the light. I don’t have to live with sin. I don’t have to live with anxiety, stress, depression, shame or darkness. I am not too young to redeem past generations. I am not too young to live in the light & to claim the promise that God has for me. God is giving me new, holy imagination. God is giving a clean and renewed mind filled with his Holy images. From my head to my toes, I consecrate my whole being. My body is a temple where he can dwell. God is giving me peace & strength to fight & live a holy life in the light with my new identity.


Testimonies 10

PCS has really changed my life. I received a lot through these last few days. In the beginning, I had lots of problems, everything started a few months ago. I had a lot revealed to me this week. From all the nights of worship and the mornings of TWA. Even if the material repeated itself, God’s message to me didn’t. Every session, TWA, etc. God revealed something new. I really broke through the roots of my problems. Especially with my parents and sexual sins. Those were the most emotional to me. Starting from the second night, I felt a change in my attitude. I really felt God’s presence in me at all times, bringing me happiness I had not felt in years. As for prayer, I really thank my group leaders. I can’t remember the number of times I broke down in tears. I knew God was anointing me and setting me free. In all, PCS has been a life changing experience and I plan on coming back.


Refathering - Sept 2013


Testimony 1

When I had heard about the west coast Refathering that was coming the Lord immediately impressed in my spirit that I had to be there. A long time attendent and clinic servant leader since PCS inception I always felt I wanted to serve because I want to get more for myself. Always craving for the Lord to do more in the memory healing parts of PCS. So even though I had attended a shorter version of Re-Fathering in Columbus, OH it was a micro-version in comparison of what God did this last week in the elongated version in Dublin. The extra days were definitely needed to accomplish this work needed in my soul. In Columbus, I praise God my calling was affirmed but in Dublin, my character began its deeper work of transformation.

Being a mom and now also a grandmother, I have to confess I had to fight off thoughts of wanting to receive these teaching for them and fight thoughts of all the ways I had parented poorly. Abba reminded me His grace has already covered all of that and I overcame and I was able to receive for me SO I could later give them a transformed mom and Nana! My diseased character has poisoned too many relationships. Abba graciously took us through each stage of birth in His healing presence I saw the diseased parts being surgically removed and the Character of Christ being infused into my being. A holy transfusion from what was to what is. Specifically, the underlying character issues that have ruled my life had been fears, which would lead me to want to control situations and people because I felt out of control. I knew this was wrong but how do I stop the cycle? I know His word says "There is no fear in Love but perfect love cast out all fear, because fear torments He who fears has not been perfected in love. (1 John 4:18)

That was it! I was not "perfected" in love, I was being tormented. So one by one through each stage of life fear was removed and Abba's Love came in and perfected me. I looked up "perfected" or teleioo? in the Greek when I got home it means: to complete, that is, (literally) accomplish, or (figuratively) consummate (in character): - consecrate, finish, fulfil, (make) perfect. There was a love deficit in my soul a part of my soul unable to receive His unconditional love because all I knew was love based on conditions.

It was at this point, On the last night as we sang "He loves us, Oh how he loves us...for the first time it was no longer a head knowledge that wavered in fear but a overwhelming feeling that surrounded me in warmth and peace with no need to strive but to just be. Finally, my love and Abba's love had consummated in my character and I had been made whole!Now I can live and declare that it is no longer my fears and need to control my life that controls me but "The Love of Christ that controls me!" (1 Corinth 5:14) Praise God for His healing power and grace!

Testimony 2

Let me share a bit of how God changed me through refathering. It's something very very deep inside me, my limited writing alone cannot express its full dimensions. First, it's the fear of world, which had been unknowingly blended inside my deep self, like set inside a 30-some-year-old cement. Last week during the conference, God melted me, cleansed me, opened my eyes to see this invisible stronghold, then miraculously rescued me from it! Then, it's my voice, both physical and of psyche. With the parental fences fortified by the fear in my upbringing, my voice was muted. (Perhaps that's why I was diagnosed with speech problem as a kid, and went through speech therapy). During the time with Abba last week, God not only casted out my fear, He also redeemed my voice! God transformed me, in and out. The lyrics "Rescue for sinners, ransom from heaven, Jesus Messiah, Lord of all" now suddenly echoes so substantially real in me! Like the crippled man healed by Jesus, I got so excited to try out my new limbs, jumping in joy. Sometimes I got too excited though, that I need to consider others with love. The discovery of self also exposed the old sins mingled in my flesh as well. May God have mercy on me. All these, along with God's graceful guiding throughout this year, have literally overturned my pastoring to others in an amazing and burden-free way! Utmost praise to our most awesome God!!!


Edenites Pleasanton, CA – Aug2012


God is faithful!

I came to this conference without much expectation. My initial purpose was just to rest, and hopefully being in the presence of God. But at very least, I could just physically rest in a 3 day hotel trip without house chores, work and children. The very first session we were late, but when we arrived (I expected the worship to be over by the time we arrived ). It was just about to begin. I’m not sure if they purposely wanted to wait for everyone to arrive to begin, but I was so glad to not miss the worship. As we worship, I know God was there. He has poured down the spirit to worship, and I was set free. The most memorable experience for me was the repenting parts. I didn’t realize that the distance between my husband and I was because of our sins, and the sins were rooted so deeply in our families, even traced back in many generations. Confessing our sins is so important not only in our relationship with God, but the relationship with each other. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continuously reveal to us our sins and we can confess honestly everyday. I also pray that we will speak words of blessings to each other and not words of curses. I feel very light on my shoulders. Praise God for His faithfulness.?He ever gives up on us. He was, is , and will always be there in our lives, in our marriage.


Edenites - Northern California - May 2012

Testimony 1

Coming here was tough. It was a long week of training and work, and my heart was not ready. I wanted to rest, get wedding planning activities done. Our pastor and his wife said it would be a good idea to come, saying it would be the best possible marriage counseling we could get. My fiance came with more of a joyful spirit. I came out of obligation.

Upon arrival, I asked the Lord to rule and reign in our lives, in our future marriage. And, we both declared this way the Lord’s time that there was no such thing as our own time. It all belongs to God! The Lord freed us. The confession time was very powerful. It was more emotional than I had anticipated, especially since we have both been to PCS. What was particularly powerful was being fiance’s priest. I felt the hurt that God feels, but also in declaring her sins free, was incredible freely even for me.

I’m glad we came. It’s a great way to start our life together.

Testimony 2

What I received from Edenite…confused mission.

I always thought my mission in Christ is to be part of a ministry group, go to a mission trip, have a “position” or be in church group. This weekend I learned my mission is just to love Jesus & become happy and beautiful. I learned my well-being is rooted in God. Husband doesn’t need to make me happy. In fact, I was able to release my hubby, my mom and dad, even my baby daughter. They are released from making me happy. I also learned my relationship with my parents are so poisoned and perverted. I have judged my roots, starting from being ashamed of Chinese identity, my appearance, their marriage. A lot of self hatred came thru my cursing parents. I waited and hoped they will change and get better but I was constantly disappointed. I learned I have many hidden disappointments, which is due to expectation hang on wrong places.

We really appreciate the teaching about “holy sex”. I think it will change our intimacy life. I thought sex only happens when you are “aroused” or “make baby”, never thought of it as command and worship.

My parents are coming to visit and my in-laws still come every week. It’ll be a “test” to really walk out our healing. Not to be angry , not to judge, not to argue… May God continue to fill me with this love, joy and security. May my husband’s “Being” stay connected to Father.

Thank you for rescuing us.

Testimony 3

Prior to coming to the conference, I had a lot of frustration…anger; feeling to hopelessness and some depression, lots of anger was channeled to my wife. I know these feelings are wrong, but I couldn’t find a way out. I did multiple PCS, but still had these anger / short-tempered. I learned at Edenites about the curse of Adam, and was reminded of my lack of being. I realized how much grudge I kept within me towards my wife, my parents, my friends. My lack of confidence, fear of failure, bitterness and hatred has been brought to the Lord…put at the cross.

Jesus said, come to me… come to me. I will give you being, I will give you purpose. I will be the one who raise you up, sustain you, and pick you up when you fell. I have restored my relationship with my wife, my communication with her. No longer do I have this frustration rising up within me. I have peace.

Testimony 4
I was very hesitant about attending Edenites. I knew it would be “hard work” that I would have to deal with hidden sins that I just wanted to keep hidden. I’m glad I was able to attend. The session and couple / group exercises were powerful yet gentle. I was afraid thru our issues, the conference would make things worse. Edenites is like a reset button in our marriage. The first 12 years – we have approached our marriage incorrectly. This totally changed my perspective. I always felt that if she didn’t change, why should I. Also, I did not cherish my bride. As a result, I was greedy to look elsewhere. I need to focus my eyes on God and my wife. Through God’s word, I need to bless her every day. I need to remove all expectations and rely on God.


PCS West - December 2011

Testimony #1: Silence

In stark winter white from Your eyes, escapes not a mite a frozen tear unshed a stolen heart You rescue.
My silence You hear in a forest still and solo, guarded yet besieged, beset by a myriad of fears, bids no one enter in.
My own self hidden, but known to You, my fear You hear but bid it farewell.


Testimony #2: Passenger 
Change my view of You that I would have an appetite to meet You this week. I have gotten off the el stop and am still waiting for the next train to pick me back up. Help me exit the station. I live my life on that train.


Testimony #3: Ransom
My praise was bought at a price unspeakable, the plea of a prisoner, no longer bound by her defeated jailer.

You purchased and redeemed my broken cry, weak but spoken.

Change my heart to crave life, to love mercy, to thirst for truth, to seek all for wisdom, to know and accept Your grace and pleasure.

Use my life to speak Your truth for healing unto those who need it. Fill my mouth with words of life.

Testimony #4: Class
You chose to be born in a barn
You came first to shepherds
You were raised as a construction worker
You discipled fishermen
You taught farmers and laborers
You befriended a Samaritan woman

You comforted a prostitute


Testimony #5: Freedom 
You remove the scales from my eyes, the wax from my ears, the dullness of my heart, the blindness of my mind.

You unbind me from my bondage, ingrained lies.
You bind my wounds and teach me it is safe to trust You,
to stop hiding my wounds, to stop accepting my wounds as what I deserve of my sins.

Death is what I deserve, yet You conquered the grave.
You command life over me, You lead me in paths of righteousness for Your Name’s sake.
You anoint me with joy and gladness, You free my spirit from hiding from You,
You remove the bonds of rebellion, confusion and condemnation.

You banish all thought apart from You.
You free my gaze to be drawn to You, no longer mired in my broken self,
but to peek at my Creator – and to discover not an angry Judge,
but an anointed King, who invites me to His side, who teaches me a new song, who filles me with an undeserved peace, who claims me for His own, who removes my darkness, who calls me by name,

who lets me hear His voice.

Testimony #6: Holy War
In that room, You fought with Your blood, loudly proclaiming your banner of love over me that paid the price to win that battle to win my war.

Your angels fought every night every hour every moment - 
My daughter does not belong to you. THIS ONE IS NOT YOURS!
She was bought with My blood and Mine alone. She belongs to ME!


Even that room,  flooded with Your tears weeping over my lostness pursuing me with Your unyielding love.

Testimony #7: Eve
I work I dress I speak I walk to dictate the desire of man since I discovered they rule this world.

I have been angry with an unyielding bitterness that no one can set me free of, none can satiate my desire for power.

I have rejected being a girl since high school when most girls were discovering their womanhood.

I despise emotion, my greatest weakness.
I pride myself on my intellect - my only means of getting even with men, until I began to discover they are powerless physically the lust of their eyes reduces them to dust. 

So I channel my bitterness and resentment into an all-consuming desire for mental, physical, emotional control over them.

My appearance will be flawless, unattainable, unknowable, inaccessible.

My bitterness and brokenness weave a stumbling, impure labyrinth that taunts men to disassemble that lures their spirit of conquest unto my own destruction.

Mastery of men Equality with men
powers the hours I slave and sacrifice to work in vain commands the hours I construct my unapproachable exterior
carves the abyss of my infinite self-loathing, physically, mentally authors my dark shadow of discontent that mars my every accomplishment constantly crying out for more

when will you be like him?
haughty, brilliant, wildly successful, effortlessly witty, coolly controlled engaging, disarming, he who has it all, faceless is his name, Satan is his author.

Release me from my hunger for spoken affirmation from men. It is deep, starving, roaming, desperate, clamoring.

My broken desires - unbind my heart of these so I could finally run free and desire for once to be Your daughter whom I've always regarded as lesser.

I've only ever wanted to be David, Peter, Paul.

May I be like Eve when she met Adam, who had been seeking her all his life, to know she was deeply wanted she was the only one she belonged to the master of her home she was called to be alongside he for whom she was created.

Repair and restore my understanding and acceptance of Your holy union marriage as created and ordained by You for man and woman to serve each other in love.


Teach me I am complete. Show me You care, You protect, You do not abandon me. No man is stronger than You. You do not grant me desires that You cannot fulfill. Show me I lack for nothing, for You are my Father.

I do not need to control my life, You control the universe. I need not be perfect before You. You are perfect for me, on my behalf You died a perfect death that I could be broken in Your presence.

Testimony #8: Whole
From my father, You created me with a brilliant, bold, clear mind to know You, to help others know You more.

You speak to me and light my mind on fire, You dazzle me with Your truth, the perfection of Your thought, the wholeness of Your Word.

You lift my mind to soar with You, to hear Your Word proclaimed in the heavenly realms.
You lead me to explore the great mysteries of Your Word, spoken to man for our deliverance.
You lead me in Your truth victorious, unafraid.

You, O Lord, are the Author and Creator of my mind, curious and hungry, unafraid.

You are the Maker of my mouth, bold for Your people – to proclaim Your triumph, to claim Your salvation, to declare Your victory, to spread Your healing.


To make known Your Word of truth that has power to free

Mighty, Almighty is Your Word.

Holy are Your prophets, those who speak Your divine words of truth.

Your Word returns fulfilled, It does not return fruitless, but accomplishes Your will.

From my mother, You give me the gift of speech to proclaim Your truth.

From my father, You made me with a big heart, to be generous, to lavish Your love on Your people, because Your goodness delights in giving good gifts.


You call me to show mercy and bless Your people, because You show mercy.
You are mercy to me, You are my mercy.
You did not create me in judgment.
You defeated the law of sin and death in me.

You gave me a lion’s heart, to be bold and unafraid for my King, to testify in high places Your Almighty Name.
You are my Prince of Peace. I serve the King of Kings, I serve the Lord of Lords.

You formed my hands to do mighty works for You with all my creativity, all original thought is born in You, Creator of all 
with all my energy, You are the Giver of life with all my strength, the joy of the Lord is my strength with all discipline with all my power.


I reject I am not smart enough. You empower my mind to fight for Your people. I reject I have a bad, small heart.
You create in me a clean heart, You renew a steadfast spirit in me. I reject my spirit of fear that has no authority over me.


In Your precious blood shed for me, I claim loudly Your blessings for me, My child, consecrated to God who declares God’s praise and goodness with a righteous spirit, who delivers God’s truth and good news with joy and boldness.

A clear mind to serve and lead Your kingdom, empowered to proclaim and make known Your truth.

A bold heart to serve and champion Your kingdom, to share healing to the lost, broken and needy.

Unafraid of the darkness that causes brokenness, for greater is Your light, the light of Your love, that claims and proclaims hope that Your promise and fulfill.


A heart for Your people
To lavish on them Your very good gifts, gifts without demand, to share the richness of knowing You.

A heart that fears You, rather than man.

These blessings I claim in Your Almighty, holy Name. 
To You be the glory in my life.




PCS West - December 2010

Testimony 1

I’m really thankful about coming to PCS in the end of 2010. I believe I’ve received things that are eternal in this 5-day period. I’ve learned the importance of spending time with Abba Father. I’ve learned also to constantly live my life filled by the Holy Spirit.

I realized that there were still many things that I hid from God before coming to PCS. These things included many of my hurts in the past, and I need healings in these areas too. At PCS, I’ve taken these hidden secrets to God and asked for forgiveness. And I am sanctified once again! Praise the Lord.


From this day on, I will spend time with God everyday and listen to Him. I’ll ask to be filled by the Holy Spirit at all times, and live a life of complete sanctification!


Testimony 2

These five days I received a lot of cleansing and healing from the Lord. It’s no longer a knowledge that reside in my head that “Jesus loves me”. I experienced His love through out these few days. I saw the sins in my life and He has taken them away one by one as I confessed them. I also experienced healing in my life. I forgave my father of all the hurts and pain he brought to my family. As I hug the surrogate father, God showed me He’d give me the Father’s heart so that I’ll be the father for my kids (both physical and spiritual). He has begun this good work in my life and He will bring it to completion. Thank you, Jesus!


Testimony 3

I feel so light. The entire “curriculum” of PCS seems to be tailor-made for me. God first humbled me on the first day, then He answered all my questions about sin (and the demonic forces associated with Tai Chi etc.), and finally…. He cleansed me utterly. I opened up all my dark secrets to Him. And He washed me thoroughly. It’s like … for the first time in months, or even years, I could open up the entire self as I worship Him, without any reservation, guilt, or shame. I no longer have anything hidden. He forgave me for all my sexual, relational and even idolatry sins.

From this day on, I have Jesus Christ as the one I love most. Nothing, no strongholds, may stand between Him and me. The Holy Spirit dwells within me. May He make all my decisions for me. I shall listen with a yearning, submitted heart. Jesus, I love You!

Testimony 4

I’ve been doing TWA for a few years now, so I wasn’t expecting anything new at PCS. The only difference, I thought, was the use of German-made color pens. However, as I highlight God’s attributes, promises and human sins, I received so much more than ever before! I feel that His Word is jumping into life and I just want to copy every word of His down. God’s Word is so powerful and delicious and satisfying. I’m finding the treasure of knowing him through His Word. I’m also finding the love, blessing and promises that he has stored for me. I’m so excited!

When I saw the children in LSV, I know there is a reason why God has blessed me so much in my life – so I may be a blessing to many. I commit to offer to LSV so His name can be glorified. I don’t want to miss his heart. For His heart is for the oppressed, the poor, the orphans and the disables. I thank God for further burdening my heart to give to the poor. I know I will have a breakthrough financially as I begin to give instead of accumulating wealth in this world. I know God will deliver me from materialism and pursue of American dream. I will live knowing that my treasure is in heaven.

Testimony 5 
Day 1:

God introduced me to worship in a way I never had experienced before. Probably felt God’s presence as never before.
God told me that He would reveal the mission He had for my life.
God told me to leave my work aside and just to sit at His feet and listen.

Day 2:

God showed me that tongues, healing and prophecy have not ceased.
God taught me not to trust energy healing and freed me from any possible Qi-related bondages including acupressure, yoga etc.
God showed me the pattern of recovery: confession, casting demons out, cutting curses, embracing God
God told me that He is starting the bloodline anew in me.
God freed me from Qi spirits.


Day 3:

God taught me to flee occultism and instructed me that my blood has occult bonds. He freed me from the bonds.
God did a partial healing of my hurts and holes from lack of paternal affirmation and expressed affection


Day 4:

God taught me in a very unusual way (by way of an attack of doubt from the enemy) that feelings do not necessarily mean I am healed / not healed. I must have faith that He has done His work.
God healed my relationship with and my hurts from family members and classmates.
God freed me from sexual bondage!! Including bonds resulting from bloodline. This freedom I intend to protect at all costs.


Day 5:

God reminded me to be humble and revealed a calling to LSV (Living Stones Village)

Testimony 6

God showed me that I do have generational sins I did not know about. But He also showed me how to cut that off so I can be clean! Not just for me but also for my family. God has also shown me that He is pleased with my offering to Him; even though I think it is small and insignificant. I’m so glad to know that Jesus sees my heart! I’ve also learned that although I always tell my kid to obey me, I myself have been a disobedient child to my heavenly Father. What a revelation! I have confessed and from now on will do my best to be the little girl that always listens to her Father and obey Him, because I know that He loves me so much! Praise God for all the worship time, TWA time, and prayer time, eating and sleeping time. I needed all that! Praise god for my husband who has been praying for me to come to PCS. Now I know why. I pray that from now on in my life every day is like a PCS!

Testimony 7

While at PCS God has removed things in my life that I didn’t even know I was carrying. Something was lifted off of me while cutting the curse of freemasonry. The biggest thing God did in my life was revealing the bitterness that I had towards my dad. I have forgiven him and received God’s forgiveness and grace. I also confessed verbally for the first time my sexual sins. Now I believe that God has removed my shame and I can stand clean before my Abba Father. Thank you, Jesus!

Testimony 8

God delivered me from sins of criticism, judgmental spirit, pride of ministry, manipulation, controlling, mental fantasy, and sexual sin. He healed me of muscle pain; sense of inadequacy and need to meet my children’s every need. Breakthrough – understanding of bondage caused by any involvement in freemasonry affiliated organizations. Complete reassembly of my soul by reclaiming any broken parts given to anyone except my husband. Time with Abba is a feast for my hungry spirit, reawakening and recognition of the power of God’s Word. True desire to decrease that Christ my increase until I disappear and He become my all in all.

Testimony 9

I received a physical healing of my left knee. When I sit in my favorite position my left leg bent or stand up, it would be painful and stiff. After confessing and renouncing generational sins, I stood up to walk across the room, and from my knee there were two audible pops. I later noticed my pain and stiffness were no more after sitting for a while. My eyes have been opened to the depth of the demonic effects of Qi through various cultures, martial arts, massage and other “natural” healing methods. I had the opportunity to be cleansed from past involvement with Qi. I have also received much love & hugs from God. There are only a few highlights of my amazing 5 days at PCS. I am grateful to my Lord and Savior, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Testimony 10

God healed my heart from fearing of death. Through the healing power of Holy Spirit, my relational sins, sexual sins and generational sins are casted off in the name of Jesus. I’m covered by the blood of God. I ask the Lord to fill me with Holy Spirit. I read God’s Word and use His Word to heal. God has set me free from hurt memories of death experience of each people from childhood, teenage and adult. I asked God to cast out dark spirit, out of my mind, body and spirit and fill me with Holy Spirit and cover me with Jesus’ blood. Thank you.

Testimony 11

Two things God revealed to me at this PCS are:

The soul ties that I’ve had with 7 evil spirits (tai qi, martial art, yoga, moxibuxin, acupuncture, massage and chiropractor) are the cause of my inability to memorize Scriptures. I prayed for the eviction of these bad spirits and the cut-off of the soul ties between me and them. I expect that from now on I will be able to memorize Scriptures.
The root of my lack of compassion/empathy for others is the unmet need of physical affection from my earthly father. Being born and raised as the middle child among many children, I was neglected and deprived of my father’s love. On the other hand I resented him for the hurt and pain that he caused in my life. At this PCS, I was able to forgive him and pray for his salvation. The burden of pleasing him to earn his love and the resentment toward him were released and delivered. I received the comfort hug from the surrogate father that I’ve long waited from my earthly father. The healing and forgiveness that I received from the heavenly father will enable me to show compassion to others.

Testimony 12

I praise my God for He has been a gentle and loving healer to me. I came battered, bruised and wounded. I came because I knew that God can only heal me, but I was fearful that the process of dismantling ad healing would be overwhelming because I thought He would not recognize me. While in the Middle East, I faced great opposition ad really got beat up and of course I cannot exclude my own disobedience. I was so ashamed. I came only to find a loving and gentle God who took me in His arms and was with me. He healed me and now my joy is restored in the Lord. Thank you God for you are victorious.


Testimony 13

In these 5 days of PCS, I had received a firm answer that I am loved, and His mercy and grace have always been with me. PCS inner healing sessions have helped me to find love, joy and peace that were lost growing up from my parents’ divorce, being aboard oversea alone, and broken heart experiences. I also confessed my relational & sexual sins to the Lord and now that my burden is light and reborn in Christ again. Please keep praying for God’s ultimate plan for me as his servant and to learn to love Him every day of my life.

Testimony 14

There are so many praises I want to offer, but have limited of time to write down. But to name a few, the Lord is God of truth. The Holy Spirit has guided me to review my sins from childhood & including those before birth. I’ve forgiven my dad for neglecting my mom & me. I’ve learnt to bless my parents & able to see how I inherit the blessings of God thru them. Also, when I confessed of my sexual sins, the Holy Spirit revealed to me how much of the awful things that I have done or suffered from. The confession process is both challenging & comforting, knowing that the Lord has forgiven me & accepted me. I can now lift up my head to serve the Lord without shame.

Last but not least, the TWA is truly a feast. Finding keywords is difficult because every word from God is KEY! I thank the Lord for giving me a double edged sword to pierce thru the joint so that the bloodline of Jesus can go directly my marrow & completely change my body, soul & spirit. Hallelujah, amen.


Testimony 15

I received God’s healing for my broken heart through this PCS. I realized that many strongholds in my life were preventing me from fully worshiping God. Through His Word I see now how and why my spirit, mind, and soul must follow God in unison. God’s grace freed my heart from worldly love so that my heart is free and open to love God, the things & people He wants me to love. With God’s help I will seek to minister His peace to my family and church. May their hearts be free to put God first and to depend on Him only. The Lord is my portion and I am more than blessed.

Testimony 16

I have been to PCS twice; I felt that I was liberated in an indescribable way after the first PCS experience. That feeling did not occur immediately after the 5-day conference but it had a long lasting effect. At work I was able to speak up more often, although before PCS I was always worried that I’d said something stupid in front of my boss. Through PCS I was affirmed that I am a child of God, and “if God is with me, whom then shall I fear?” I was assured that in God’s grace I am allowed to make honest mistakes at work, I shall have no fear of my superior at work, I felt that at work I have received a lot of God’s favor that I haven’t realized before.

During the first PCS, I have confessed a lot of sins and felt closer to God. But I decided to go to PCS for the second time because I felt that there were still issues and sins that entangle my daily life. I am very glad to come back to PCS again and have a deeper cleansing. Today’s TWA passage say that “Blessed are those who wash their robes.” I felt very blessed that I was able to wash my sins and today’s passage just reaffirmed me that I need to truly commit to God again as His love is too vast & too deep, and I truly cannot again & again pierce Jesus Christ on the cross with my sins.

Testimony 17

PCS is an answer to my prayer. I have been asking Jesus for his guidance and direction for my next step toward wholeness and healing as I came to realize my need for healing from sexual molestation. I the last year and a half, I came to realize that I was very frigid, confused, and feelings of “being used” would permeated through my mind and hear whenever I would engage in act of intimacy with my husband. I started to feel resentful that my husband found me desirous and for a long time I blamed him (men) for not having any self-control.

But as I spent time in prayer and as I read Genesis again, I came to realize and have conviction that perhaps it’s not my husband but it’s me – that my body was defiled at a young age and therefore I couldn’t enjoy what God gave as a gift, what He created for my husband and I to enjoy as husband and wife. God created sex and He intended it to be enjoyed, pleasurable, and to be an expression of full acceptance and love in marriage. But because of the defilement, I was unable to enter into fullness of God’s amazing gift.

As my husband and I prayed and discussed what we want to do, I felt like counseling might be helpful, but what I really needed was Jesus to cleanse me, to heal the broken heart, and to make me new. I wasn’t sure how exactly He wanted to do this, but He had PCS in mind for me.

The Lord has been generous and gracious to me. I shared with my group that I wanted prayer for healing in this specific area of my life and I believe that He has. During one of the prayer sessions (healing & memories) I sensed the Lord was cleaning every part of my body that was violated. I may have my body still but it is new – clean and no longer defiled. Thank you Jesus for setting me free so I can enjoy sex with my hubby.

Testimony 18

Before I came to PCS, I had a lot of doubts, questions, secrets and darkness in my life. I had regrets ad was working if I made the right choice in the past few years. The 2nd day God answered me and let me know I am in the right path. I didn’t make wrong decisions. All these are His plan for me and His plans are the best for me. I have no need to look back and feet regrets. I am in better hand. God healed me through PCS in the past 5 days. He delivered me & over come my fear. God let me know I’m not lost. I don’t need to be afraid because He’s here within me. He’s been protecting me and carrying me through. Now it’s the time He want me to walk ext to Him and reach out to others.

Jesus had healed me from the hurt of family curse that was in many of my generations. God casted out the demon in me and emptied out the dirty sins in my blood in my head. He cleansed and purified me, then filled His grace and Holy Spirit in me. I am purified and cleaned and set free from the secret and dark side that was with me for so many years. Now there’s no secret in me. I’ve been set free. I feel safe and happy. I have so much joy in my heart after the deep cleansing in these 5 days. I told myself I’ll continue the spiritual discipline and continue doing TWA after PCS in the following year.

Testimony 19

Through PCS, I received insight and revelation of my sin, my life, my background, my belief and my understanding of the Scriptures. God has shown me a new picture of who He is, how worthy He is, and my sin. God has convicted me of my religious spirit and placing myself, my family line and my church above others and more importantly – you (God). I have confessed my weakness in worshipping man and leaders in my life and having anger toward church leaders. God has lovingly drawn me to repentance as I continue to fall more deeply in love with Him. He has shown His faithfulness more and more in my life. Now I can trust Him for the parts of future that I don’t know about and believe He has orchestrated Himself in the areas that I do see coming. I want to fall in love with Him like a lover and know that I am married to Him! Until God leads another to be with me and I continue to still love God as my first love. God healed memories and areas of hurt from my past. Praise God!

Testimony 20

There are too many good things that happened to share here, but here it is in a nutshell. Coming to PCS reaffirmed my worth as a valued child of God, despite my past transgressions / pride / accomplishments etc. I was skeptical of PCS at first but God reminded me that there has not been a time when I earnestly sought God and had not been fulfilled / healed. There were times I was uncomfortable having most of my family members here but in the end, it was a positive thing as we spent Wednesday night praying, singing and crying together. I am glad we came together. The speeches on sexual sin were particularly moving for me because I am especially weak in that area and I am filled with joy that I received healing for my past sexual transgressions. PCS also reaffirmed my commitment to become a healer and physician for God and to quit relying on my own mental capacity of ability (which is very limited, ha ha). I have faith that in following God and putting Him first, he will allow me to thrive at medical school and to be a spectacular physician.