Overview of Ministries

Pastoral Care School (PCS) is an international, cross cultural, kingdom ministry endeavor to equip Christian ministers and lay leaders to pray for the sick and set the captives free. Abraham and Lillian Poon, together with their ministry team, have conducted Pastoral Care Schools in the United States and worldwide since 2002. Ministry scope includes but not limited to the following:

  • Pastoral Care School (PCS) – a 5-day school for ministering individuals and couples

  • Ministering Couple School (MCS) – a 5-day school for leadership couples

  • Edenites Conference – a 4-day conference for individuals desiring to return to life in God's Garden.

  • Empowerment Camp (EPC) - a 5-day school for High School and College students

  • Continuing Education for ministry workers – weekend conferences, one day courses

  • Short Modules in all areas of the Renewal Ministry

  • Consultation – individually tailored design for pastors, missionaries and local churches who desire to walk in the freedom and power of the Holy Spirit

Pastoral Care School

PCS is designed to equip minsitering individuals and believers to effectively care for the needs of people whom God has entrusted to them by receiving care for themselves. PCS students will experience healing and deliverance through the power of Holy Spirit and will grow deeper intimacy with the Lord through Time with Abba "TWA".  This is a five-day experiential school that combines corporate worship, lecture and personal prayer ministry time. Students will also be trained on how to pray for the sick and set the captives free.  

Edenites Conference
"Edenities Conference" is designed for individuals desiring to return to life in God's Garden. Either you are presently single, dating, engaged or married, this 4 days residential conference will restore all back to God's original design as redeemed edenite men and women, regaining true and unfailing love from the Lover of our souls. Nestled in Abba's healing presence, you will unearth hidden roots, shed past wounds and sever soul ties from diseased relationships. Not only will your personhood be restored, you will also be granted the God-ordained relationship and His passion to love one another again.

Ministering Couple School (MCS)

Ministering Couple School (MCS) is a unique school that has been designed exclusively to bring wholeness to marriages. Nestled in the healing presence of the Abba, couples at the Ministering Couples School (MCS) receive the much needed Sabbath rest, open their hearts to each other and let their minds be renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit and His words. Each day is filled with the beautiful integration of spiritual refreshment and intellectual stimulation through worship, lectures, solitude, couple's time and ministry prayer.

Throughout the course of the week, couples will experience wholeness of spirit, soul and body through healing prayer. As recipients of such transforming power, couples will leave with a renewed passion for God and each other, ready to bring healing to others.

Empowerment Camp (EPC)

The Empowerment Camp (EPC) is a 5-day experiential school tailored to echo the young people's heart cry for more of Jesus. This school is open for high school and college students who yearn to dwell in God's manifest presence and live a transformed life as a new generation of warriors. EPC students will experience the wholeness of spirit, soul, and body through healing prayer, the filling of the Holy Spirit, the power of intercessory prayer, and the joy of being set free. It is our prayer that the young generation will become effective witness of the Gospel through personal transformation and living a holy life.

The school consists of lectures, impartations, worship, and corporate intercessions.

Refathering Conference - Character Reconstruction

Refathering Conference is a 4-day residential conference that helps students experience a deeper healing on their growing up years from pre-natal to age 12 through worship, teaching, memory prayers, walk with Abba and talk with friends. The conference lays the foundation for character reconstruction, which will greatly reshape students in the areas of shepherding Abba's children, parenting their biological children and repairing broken and diseased parenting. Character reconstruction through Time With Abba, the Cross of Jesus and the Holy Spirit become something possible that is used to believe impossible according to medical and psychological disciplines. The malformation of character also explains to us the reason why many of our gifted leaders get stuck in their personality disorders.