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January 1 - Be Happy

The Lord wants you to be happy, fulfilled and content in who you are and what you do. Your life could be like a tree planted by the water, bearing fruit in due season and be constantly nourished. Life and sustenance are only possible if you keep yourself close to the Source.

In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth by His Word. He spoke and things came to be. He created everything “good” so that humankind may enjoy His blessings. From Genesis, it is very clear that God’s intention is to bring blessing and goodness to mankind. Look at the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life, and the four rivers for the nourishment of life. God even provided Adam with a life mate so that man did not have to live alone. Before the fall, Adam and Eve totally enjoyed life and prosperity until sin came into the picture and things were not the same any more.

After the fall of mankind, God has to send His only Son to come and rescue mankind. The name “Jesus” means to save His people from the power of sin so that we may go back to the Source of all blessing and goodness. The key, then, is to receive the Savior and to live your life in relation to Him. This is what becoming a child of God means.

The first Psalm describes a person who is blessed and prosperous, he is close to his Source, God Himself. He keeps himself away from sin but consecrates himself to God and His Word. This is the essence of sanctification! A holy life is a happy life! God is our Source, as long as we are close to Him, blessings and happiness will be ours. We may have our being and well being in Him. If you love Him, you would love His Word. Daily going to Him, reading and meditating on His Word, reciting it out and even copying it by hand have been proven to be good ways to begin a day.

This new year could be a turning point in your life, this could be the year that your life experiences blessing and prosperity. Begin the year with the Word, with God’s presence in your life, with a resolution to live a holy life and then His blessings will be yours. Bless you to be like a tree planted by the water, receiving nutrients and life daily from the Source, God Himself!

Do not forget, God’s purpose in creating you is to bless you and the purpose of your life is to receive blessings from Him. He is the Source of all blessing. Why don’t you go to Him and ask blessing for this coming year?

Ps 1:1-6 Gen 1:1-2:25 Matt 1:1-2:12 Prov 1:1-6

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