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March 1 - There is Hope

The Year of Jubilee is full of hope for the Israelites, especially those who were in debt or in bondage of slavery. The cancelling of debts and the setting free of slaves were good reasons to celebrate. It was true freedom and rest, everyone could go back to their own inheritance and their father’s house. There should be one Year of Jubilee in everyone’s lifetime and they all could look forward to it. There was always the element of hope that when the Year of Jubilee came, things would be put right.

Before the year of Jubilee or the Sabbath years, the Lord would bless His people with triple harvests to sustain them through the Year of Jubilee and the Sabbath year for three years. The sixth and the forty-ninth years were years of miracles, God’s people could actually see God’s abundance so that they might rest assured of His continual provisions. When God calls us to rest, He is responsible for our livelihood.

So hope is always with the people of God. David knows that the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him and put their hope on Him. We do not put our hopes on soldiers or horses but on the Lord who loves us. Our hopes are not on our nation, our next generations or on riches but on the Lord. David requested the Lord to show His mercy in proportion to his hope in Him.

Yes, there is hope for our nation to turn to God. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and we bless our nation to take God as the Lord. Things might look bleak for now but our hope is in the Lord. Are you praying for God’s Kingdom to come to your country? Keep on praying for there is hope!

There is hope for our next generation as well. Jesus touched the little ones and blessed them, declaring their admirable quality of complete and total trust in God. These are the requirements for entry into the Kingdom of God. Just take a look at our young ones and they do not look like Kingdom citizens yet. However, our hope is in the Lord who loves little children and wants them to go to Him. Keep on praying for the next generations, there is hope!

The rich people are having a hard time to transfer their trust from material wealth to Jesus. The Lord saw the rich young man and loved him. Because of the size of his wealth, the young man missed the opportunity to enter the Kingdom of God. The Lord lamented the difficulty but also taught that in God, all things are possible. There is hope for the rich even though they look like a losing cause. Keep on praying for the rich, there is hope!

Ps 33:12-22 Lev 24:1-25:46 Mark 10:13-31 Prov 10:20-21

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