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April 1 - Be Still and Know

In this fast moving world, to be still is a big luxury. Being busy is the sign of working hard and idling is just not productive. People walk faster today than twenty years ago, they seem to be always in a hurry. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter, from half a minute to less than ten seconds. Taking a break to enjoy a cup of coffee, stopping and talk to a stranger, helping someone in dire need on the street are all wasting of time. In our relationship with God, being still is a must.

The psalmist declares that being still allows us to know that the Lord is God. It is a way of knowing God. As rolling stones gather no moss, a life filled with action without a boring moment cannot propel us heavenward. When we are busy, we do not think, we do not pray, we do not relate to others. The only thing we are thinking of is to get things done, to complete the task at hand and then get on to another task. When we are still, our hearts begin to open, our ears are more attentive and our eyes can see a lot more. In our moment of stillness, our spiritual eyes can be opened.

In the psalm, we are invited to go and behold the works of the Lord. The Lord is working all over the world and without the stillness of our heart, we may not be able to see them. Have you seen the desolation or deterioration of the planet earth? Have you seen the Lord at work stopping war and destruction? Have you seen God exalted above the nations? Have you seen God exalted above the earth? Our God is still at work, be still and know that.

Jesus took three disciples up the mountain so that they might be still and see the glory of the Lord who transfigured right in front of their eyes. They were not only able to see but were able to hear the voice of God the Father from heaven. The voice said that Jesus is the beloved Son of the Father and the disciples were to hear and obey Him. It all happened as they prayed together on the mountain.

Praying is an act of being still before the Lord, speaking to Him and listening to what He has to say to us. It brings in God’s presence and glory, changing the gloomy state of our daily life into a glorious encounter with God. Working cannot replace praying, our first work is always prayer. Before we even pray, we need to get away from the crowd and be still before the Lord. Sometimes it is called waiting before the Lord.

How is your prayer life at this point in your Christian walk? Are you able to be still and have the opportunity of knowing God? Are you too busy to stay still? Is your mind too active and would not stop? You need to pause and be still, plan some time to spend with Abba and you shall know Him more.

Ps 46:8-11 Deut 18:1-20:20 Luke 9:28-50 Prov 12:10

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