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September 1 - Truly Human

The conclusion to the story of Job is very insightful as it brings the whole life experience of Job into the right light. As God broke in and spoke to Job, he finally understood and gained much understanding into what had happened to him and his family. Even though he still had no idea of what really happened between God and Satan, he knew what it meant to be human. His knowledge of himself and humanity was based on his knowledge of God as he said, “I had heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.” As he shifted the focus from his personal experience to God, he finally realized who God was and who he was. He did not press God for answers for what he had gone through. The answer to all his questions was God Himself, knowing God was all he needed.

What Job came to know was the fact that God is omnipotent and He can do all things. Then he realized that whatever God had purposed in His heart, His purpose could not be thwarted. God’s wisdom and knowledge are so above human thoughts that no human could ever question God’s thoughts. We cannot understand what God knows and His knowledge is too wonderful for us. The only way to find out what we do not understand is by God’s revelation. So the only posture of Job before the Lord was to despise himself and repent in dust and ashes, a truly human posture before God.

God further rebuked the three friends of Job’s for they had no correct knowledge of God. When they spoke of God, they were mistaken for they had taken on the wrong position before God. Instead of bringing comfort to Job, they were actually judging him, taking on the position of judges instead of fellow human beings. For that they were in grave sin and needed to offer burnt offerings and have Job pray for them. To know God in reality is to take on the correct posture before Him, to be grateful and humble at the same time.

The psalmist declares that the Lord is King, only in Him can righteousness, justice and glory be found. Paul echoes this in the New Testament, declaring that the Lord is to be feared for all things come from Him. We are all sinful human beings in His presence and we all need to be reconciled to Him. Christ became sin for us so that we sinners may become righteous in His sight. To be justified before God through Jesus Christ is the only way to rise above our true human condition of sin. A true experience with God is to recognize our own humanness and God’s divinity, just like Job and Isaiah had found out.

Do you really know God? Are you truly human or trying to be God in controlling your life? Begin to live your life in gratitude and humility before God now.

Ps 97:1-6     Job 40:1-42:17     2 Cor 5:11-21       Prov 22:14

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