January 14 - Destroying the Works of Darkness

The works of darkness were with Jacob’s family. He was staying with Laban who had household gods and used divination to find out that his own blessing was linked to Jacob’s being blessed by Jehovah. Leah’s son Reuben brought mandrakes from the field and mandrakes have narcotic properties. Jacob was using some very unscientific means to propagate his own flocks, using poplar, almond and plane branches. It could be some form of witchcraft to cast a spell on the animals. Even though sons were borne to him, his family was filled with jealousies and strife. Jacob was suffering at the hand of Laban who cheated him and oppressed him.

This family is very typical of all families. Due to the works of darkness, many are suffering in silence. For this reason, Jesus was manifested to destroy the works of darkness. The devil is trying to bring his kingdom on earth, making it a living hell. Jesus came to bring in the Kingdom of God and He subdued the works of the enemy by healing, casting out demons and proclaiming the Kingdom. His mission was in line with God’s original mission given to Adam – to fill the earth and to subdue it. Due to sin, the earth is filled with the works of darkness and God’s people are given the mission to destroy them.

Evangelism is to proclaim the Kingdom, the rule of Jesus in people’s lives. In doing so, Jesus taught His disciples to destroy the works of darkness in order for the power of the Kingdom to manifest. The devil is bringing in physical and mental illnesses, his demonic spirits are oppressing and filling people and societies, he comes to steal, kill and destroy. His works in the world are completely obvious and visible, how about the works of Jesus? We who believe in Jesus must believe in the power of His Kingdom to reverse human lives and miseries. When the works of darkness are exposed and destroyed, the Kingdom has come in power.

To tell others about Jesus is not just talking and proclaiming. All proclaiming must come with demonstration of God’s power to remove darkness brought by the demonic. Other than demon possession and sicknesses, the devil has also created much depravation in people’s lives. When there are depravations, people would be drawn to the dark side unconsciously, like what was happening in Jacob’s family. When one sets his eyes on wealth, fame and sex, he will easily fall into the devil’s many traps. To seek anything outside of God to satisfy oneself can easily become idolatry.

Are you taking a part in eradicating the works of darkness? When you try to lead someone to the Kingdom of God, do you demonstrate the power of God to save? Is this the time for you to eradicate the works of darkness in your own life?

Ps 9:7-12 Gen 30:1-31:16 Matt 10:1-25 Prov 3:13-15

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