January 19 - The Portion of the Upright

God is in His holy temple and His throne is in heaven. However, His eyes are on everyone, He tests the righteous and the wicked alike. Only the righteous and upright can come into His presence. This is the greatest inheritance of the upright, to be in God’s presence and have access to His temple and His throne. From His throne comes every good and perfect gift, every blessing that we do not deserve.

This was what happened to Joseph, he was an upright person and the Lord blessed him in everything he did. God was merciful to him even in adverse situations and those around him also knew it. Because of him, God also blessed those around him. Potiphar’s household was blessed because of Joseph’s faithfulness in serving him; Pharaoh’s cupbearer was blessed because of Joseph’s dream interpretation; and the head of the prison was blessed by Joseph’s management of the prisoners. Collateral blessings do go to those around the upright persons. Later on, the whole family of Jacob was saved from famine by Joseph’s position and power in Egypt.

Jesus describes this group of people as those who do the will of God. These shall be called the brothers, sisters and mothers of Jesus. What a wonderful privilege to be in the same family of God. For those who obey God, their spiritual eyes and ears are opened. They can see and hear and receive healing. This is a sharp contrast to the disobedient who cannot see and hear so their understanding is dulled. It is a blessing to have spiritual sensitivity and such sensitivity only comes to those who obey God and walk uprightly.

Everything that we have, we receive from the hand of the Lord. Proverbs remind us of the curse on the family of the wicked and the blessing of the house of the righteous. If we are righteous, even our houses and family are collaterally blessed. An upright person does the right things, so he is righteous. He is humble and submits himself under God. Whatever God says, he will do. That is the source of his many blessings.

Do you want to be an upright and righteous person? You have been justified and are called righteous by the Lord. Now you need to walk it out in upright thoughts and behaviors. Are you experiencing God’s blessings? Are things well with you? Are you prosperous in all that you do? Are those around you share in collateral blessings through you? Are you a blessing to others? Be humble and submit yourself to God, He will promote you and your prosperity. Be a receiver of God’s manifold blessings and begin to bless others!

Ps 11:1-7 Gen 39:1-41:16 Matt 12:46-13:23 Prov 3:33-35

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