January 25 - Jesus Only

Where is Jesus in relation to your life? His position in you life is very important. The psalmist puts God in front of him so that he can see the world through Him, so that he can see His face at all times. God is also at his right hand to help him and to give him strength. Because of this, the Lord counsels, instructs and guides him in the path of life. Therefore his heart is glad and his whole being rejoices and his flesh also dwells securely. The Lord who is before him gives him fullness of joy and the Lord at his right hand gives him pleasures forever.

The position of the Lord in your life affects the outcomes of your life. He is the filter with which everything that comes to you from the world must go through. His revelation is the guide to your life’s journey. Peter received God’s revelation and could correctly discern the identity of Jesus as Christ, the Son of the Living God. However, when he followed the thoughts of the world, he became an adversary to Jesus and Jesus called him “Satan”. When the Lord is with us and we seek His counsel, we can mind the things of God. When we mind the things of man, we become self-serving, self-preserving and self-indulging. When the focus is on man and not God, we become enemy to God’s will and plan.

On the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus revealed His glory to the disciples. Then Moses and Elijah also appeared and had a conversation with Jesus. Peter, again, spoke from the flesh and suggested three tabernacles for the Big Three, thus putting Jesus on the same level as the other two men. It was then the glory of the Father came in a cloud and God affirmed His Son as His only Son and they must hear Him. After the cloud, both men were gone and Jesus remained. They saw no one but Jesus only.

It is very common in Christendom that many follow after famous and successful pastors or Christian leaders. They hold seminars and conferences to teach others the proven successful ways of conducting ministry. They are like Moses and Elijah, very successful in their own ways but they are not God. If God can instruct and guide and counsel us, then is it better to learn from God than from man? If the presence of God is real in you life and you put Him in front of you and at your right hand, would He not bring you on the right path? If He is supposed to speak to you and walk with you, would it be much easier to take orders from Him than from others? Can man’s words be better than God’s revelation?

These are the questions you must wrestle with. The answer is obvious. Seek Him, seek His face and His power, and your Christian walk would be much easier. Would you put Him before you and at your right hand?

Ps 16:7-11 Gen 50:1-Exo 2:10 Matt 16:13-17:9 Prov 5:1-6

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