January 6 - Life’s Direction

The lives of Abram and Lot represent two very different directions in life. Because of their riches and prosperity, they could no longer live together without conflicts. While their servants fought against one another, there were Canaanites and Perizzites living in their immediate neighborhood. Something had to be done and they each chose their places of dwelling. Abram lived in Canaan, the Promised Land while Lot moved his tent towards Sodom.

Although Lot did not move into the city of Sodom immediately, he was moving toward it. His love of prosperity and city life drew him to a place where God was not pleased with. The men of Sodom were wicked, they were great sinners against the Lord. So through the Jordan Valley, Lot set off towards the place of abomination gradually. He could have changed his mind but he did not. One wrong decision in his life brought on collateral damages to his family. Eventually he lost his wife, his wealth and fell into the sin of incest through his daughters. When the King of Sodom was defeated, Lot paid the price of living in that city, and was taken captive. Abram had to rescue him. His wrong decision in life caused much pain to those who were related to him, suffering the same collateral damages.

On the other hand, Abram remained in the Promised Land, moving his tent towards Hebron. There he built an altar and worshiped God. His direction was a God-direction, trusting in God and he was accounted righteous in God’s eyes. He was given a vast place as inheritance. The portion that God allotted to him was more than enough for him. God became his great reward, not the land itself. Along with that, Abram was to enjoy long life in that land. His choice was a blessed choice simply because he trusted in God’s goodness and promises.

In every life decision, we must not just look at the immediate but to see what path is this decision leads. God’s will is never for our own comfort and pleasure, it is for His Kingdom and purpose. That is why the Psalmist got up early to seek the Lord. The Book of Proverbs reminds us of foolish complacency that could lead us into the path of destruction. On the other hand, the path of obedience to the Lord leads to peace and prosperity, free from fear and disaster.

Jesus teaches us to cut off the members of the body that can potentially lead us into destruction. It is better to avoid the fire of hell without those body parts than to go to hell with all the good things of this life. We must say no to our flesh in making every life decision. Look beyond the immediate and see where it is leading to. Any decision you make can potentially affect not only your life, but that of your family, your friends and your associates. What decision are you making right now?

Ps 5:1-3 Gen 13:6-15:21 Matt 5:27-48 Prov 1:29-33

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