October 17 - The Priority of Prayer

After affirming the saving faith of the gospel of Christ in the first chapter, Paul goes on to the first priority of the Christian life: prayer. Prayer must come first in the forms of supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving for all people in general and for those in high positions in particular. Although different terms are used for prayer, the essence is the same: asking God to come into every human situation, in our lives and in the lives of others. The purpose is that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.

The words “godly” and “godliness” appears many times in the two epistles to Timothy, implying a good and holy life resulting from a right relationship to God. A godly person is one who carries the presence of God in his life, he does not only represent God in the world but God lives in him. Being godly is to have God’s qualities expressed in our daily living. It is to be like God. This is the goal of every believer, to be holy and be like Jesus. When we go to the Lord constantly in prayer, we can then be connected to our Source. Prayer is the way to godliness.

Our godliness is expressed in two fronts, in our concern for all people that they may come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. If we are godly at all, we know God’s heart and His desire to see everyone saved. The heart of God is expressed in the gospel message and all godly persons must have this at heart in all they do. That is the reason why Jesus came as the Mediator between God and men, gave Himself as a ransom for all so that all may be saved. We must lead others into faith and truth to be a godly person.

The other part of our godliness goes beyond the salvation of every person to the context in which we live. Kings and those in high positions need our prayer for them to do God’s will, creating a peaceful and quiet condition for everyone to practice their faith in Christ. The ruling class is not supposed to have authority for their own purposes but for God’s purpose. Only through prayer could this happen. Prayer is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior. Only prayer can change people’s hearts and change the condition of the world.

Paul’s heart is for men everywhere to lift up holy hands and pray, without anger or quarreling. His heart for women is to be secure in the Lord, with no need to manipulate or control others, especially men. They are to continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control. All these godly qualities can only be acquired when we go to the Lord in prayer, to be connected to Him. Are you a praying person? Can you call yourself “godly”? Is prayer a priority in your life? Prayer and godliness are inseparable, be a praying person and a godly person now.

Ps 116:15-19     Jer 30:1-31:26     1 Tim 2:1-15     Prov 25:18-19

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