October 31 - The Fear of Death

Death came into the human race when Adam sinned against God by eating of the forbidden fruit. Since that fateful day in the history of humanity, the devil has held the power over death. Those who serve him will die and be separated eternally from God. So it is the destiny of all man to die and to face judgment after death. Satan is using the power of death to enslave those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery. It is not death itself but the fear of death that allows the devil to have control over us.

We are made flesh and blood and our bodies are the visible parts of our existence. The threat of losing our bodies is often there, threatening our very beings. Because of the fear of death, people find ways to prolong their lives. Some have gone after idols that promised them long lives, wealth and health. Others practice methods of health and long life ranging from breathing exercises, qi gong, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and many forms of alternative medicine. The devil is using these ways to enslave people, giving them promise of long life but never can give them eternal life.

Jesus came into the world to lead many brothers into glory through salvation and sanctification. The way He did it was through suffering and death to the mortal body. He tasted death for everyone so that our salvation is made perfect and in the end, He may put everything under His feet, including death. The Incarnation is a necessity for Jesus had to share in flesh and blood, just like us so that He might destroy the one who has the power of death, i.e., the devil. His death on the cross delivers all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery.

Since we have this High Priest who is merciful and faithful in the service to God, He is able to help those who are being tempted. One of the greatest temptations we all face is the fear of death. By claiming the death of Jesus on the cross, we may overcome the threat because the death of Jesus leads to the resurrection. Once we overcome the fear of death, we no longer are under the curse or the power of death, and we are no longer subject to this lifelong slavery.

Are you thinking about death often? Although you know that you have eternal life and that you are going to the Lord after death, you still have some uneasiness about it? Do you worry about your health lately and are anxious about its deterioration? Have you begun to do something about your health in an effort to prolong your life? If so, you are in danger of being enslaved by the devil that is tempting you into serving him. Declare now that the devil does not have the power of death and Jesus has defeated him on the cross. Give all your worries to the Lord and ask Him to touch your mortal body now.

Ps 119:73-80  Lam 4:1-5:22  Heb 2:1-18  Prov 26:23