November 10 - Law and Life

God’s Word is life giving. When He speaks, things come into being. He gave manna in the wilderness as well as His law to the Israelites so that they might live. Jesus claims to be the real bread from heaven that gives us life. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. The spiritual life of a believer is nourished and sustained by the Word of God and we have to hunger and thirst for the Word in order to grow into maturity.

The psalmist asks for the life three times: “Give me life” and then he qualifies his request by spelling out an aspect of God’s Word that can give him life. The first aspect is the promise of God that is in the law of God. The promises of God give us life for we may claim them and live by them. When things are going tough and hope is all but gone, we can rely on God’s promises that are recorded in His Word. They can instantly be claimed and become food to our soul. God will never go back on His promises, what He has said He will do. This is our assurance of His help and deliverance.

The second aspect of the Word of God that gives us life is the rules of God. We all need rules to live by, whether physical, social or spiritual rules. When God gives the ruling on things, He gives us much security. When we act and think according to these rules, we then live. His rules are meant to protect us, not to give us hassle or trouble. By drawing a line around us figuratively, He shields us in the area of His protection and the sphere of His blessing. There is no need for us to reinvent the wheel for God has given to us what is right and true. God is going to give us life according to His rules.

The third aspect of the life giving Word is the steadfast love of God. The law of God is never intended to be harsh statutes given by a judge to limit the freedom of the subjects but loving Words from the Father in heaven to His children. Every Word comes with much love and assurance that He loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives. When we keep His Word, it is like we respond to the kind reminders of a father for the welfare of his children. When reading the Word of God, the Holy Spirit will pour out the love of God into our hearts.

The purpose of the Law is to give us life. Whenever we are lawless, our spiritual lives will experience darkness and death. Have you been neglecting the law of God in your life? Are you experiencing deadness in your relationship with the Father? Pray the prayers of the psalmist now: “Give me life, according to your promise, according to your rules and according to your steadfast love.” Let His Word come into your life and awaken your soul and your spirit now.

Ps 119:153-160     Ezek 21:1-22:31     Heb 10:1-17     Prov 27:12

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