November 12 - By Faith We Understand

Many of us have gone up the wrong path of spirituality by using our soul to appropriate spiritual truths. We think that our faith is a result of our thinking, feeling or willing. So when we approach God, we seek information, inspiration or motivation, thinking that these can change our lives. The use of information about the Word, the feeling of wellness and peace in our soul, along with the making of right decisions are the common paths as we go to God. The result is a whole generation of believers who do not know the Lord personally or experientially.

Faith, thus, is not a function of the soul but of the human spirit first. It is His Spirit to our spirit when God deals with us. Faith is to put our total trust in God despite of our thinking, feeling or willing. It is to take God’s Word as true, as final and complete. We are not to analyze His Word, or try to feel it or to consider whether we are ready to accept it or not. Faith, is thus against all odds. It is to be sure when there is no evidence; it is to have a conviction that God will do it even though there is no sign anywhere. It is to receive an inner knowing about God that is contrary to outward appearances. It is an act of the human spirit, using our relationship with God to direct our thinking, feeling and willing.

Most of our methods of evangelism are through the human soul, trying to convince that faith is rational, emotional and an act of the human will. Churches invite speakers who are Christian scientists or other celebrities so as to talk to the mind of the people in an attempt to persuade. Other churches may show movies about famous Christians so as to move people to tears. At the end, they are asked to make up their mind and make decisions for Christ. The fact is, none of these methods touch the human spirit and the spirit are not in touch with the divine Spirit.

We must believe that the human spirit can direct the human soul. Faith in God supersedes our soulish functions. By faith we understand the things we cannot or would not understand. The Creation of heaven and earth is a good example cited in the Book of Hebrews. Like an old saint once said, “I believe in order to understand.” It is not when I understand, I believe; I believe so as to know. Such knowledge is a function of the human spirit. When we worship God, we worship Him in our spirit and in truth. The truth is that God is God and we are His creation. The truth is that God is all-knowing and all-powerful, the truth is that we are all accountable to Him.

From this perspective, we no longer pursue God through our intellect, emotion or will. We approach Him as He is and as we are. In His presence, our faith is strengthened. When we worship Him, we are brought into yet another level of faith. Stop your soulish worship now and be in His presence continually.

Ps 119:169-176     Ezek 24:1-26:21     Heb 11:1-16     Prov 27:14

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