November 25 - The Call to Blessing

There is yet another aspect of our calling – the call to blessing. It comes through the path of holiness, unity, priesthood and suffering. Our blessing is a direct outcome of our suffering but there is more about God’s blessing in our lives. Blessing from suffering is unintentional on the part of our persecutors but reactive on the part of the persecuted. It is the design of God according to the pattern of Jesus on the cross. Now this call to blessing is active and intentional on our part for the welfare of others. When we bless others, we are blessed in the process as well.

To silently endure persecution and suffering is only one aspect of getting our blessing, but to actively bless those who curse us and return good for evil gets us on a higher plane of receiving God’s blessing. This requires a lot of humility and gentleness on our part. Peter urges all of us to have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart and a humble mind. As we stop repaying evil for evil or reviling for reviling but begin to bless others, we have lived out our calling so that we may obtain a blessing.

This is another example of the boomerang effect: when we judge others, others will judge us. But when we bless others, we are truly blessed. By quoting the Psalms, Peter offers a way to engage God’s blessing in our lives. If we desire to love life and see good days, we must control our tongues from evil and deceit. We must do good and not evil, seek peace and pursue it. When God is pleased with us, our prayers are answered.

Honor Christ the Lord as holy, defend your faith and hope with gentleness and respect, have a good conscience when others attack you. When you begin to bless others, especially those who have mistreated you, you bring forgiveness to them and blessing on yourself. In the world, people curse one another all the time. When we begin to bless, we are set apart and people do notice. Not taking revenge but to do the opposite of evil will bring in God’s power and presence. Love your enemy is most difficult and that is why it comes with promises of blessing.

Are you a blesser or a curser? Do you criticize others, judge and condemn them? God’s intention is to bless us but the devil is intent on hurting and bringing ill to humanity. Are you on the Lord’s side or on the devil’s side? Are you tempted to reply in kind for the ills done to you? Do the words that come out of your mouth bring blessing or cursing? Do you want to be blessed instead of being cursed? Begin blessing others now. As blessing becomes a lifestyle, one day, you will be able to bless those who have cursed you. Your destiny is in your own hands and do not let the devil take away your rightful blessings.

Ps 130:1-4     Dan 1:1-2:23     1 Pet 3:8-4:6     Prov 28:14