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November 30 - God is Light

“Light” is a very important theme in the bible. In fact, the first Words of God in Genesis is, “Let there be light.” God saw light as good and He separated light from darkness and eventually there was day and night. Since creation, light has been God’s attribute, symbolic of His holiness and life-giving qualities. We can see from the passages about God’s light in our lives.

The people of God depend on God’s light as the psalmist describes the situation of Zion. God has chosen Zion to be His resting and dwelling place. He abundantly blesses the city and its inhabitants. The poor are supplied with bread, the priests are clothed with salvation and the saints shout for joy. The power or horn of David will be lifted up and a lamp will be prepared for God’s anointed and his crown will shine. The light of God shines as a lamp on the throne of David, bringing life, salvation and joy to the city of God.

Daniel’s vision of the Ancient of Days is equally impressive as the theme of light abounds. The throne of God is of fiery flames, its wheels are burning fire. A stream of fire issued and comes out from before Him. Thousands and thousands stand before Him and the court sits in judgment, the books are opened. What a vision of the final judgment and only a God of light can judge the people.

The Word of Life, the eternal life as proclaimed by the apostle John, is the light for God is light. There is no darkness in God and if we want to have fellowship with Him, we must be walking in the light. The only way to do that is through the blood of Jesus forgiving us of our sins on the condition that we confess our sins. We can admit our sins or we can say we have no sin. When we pretend to be sinless, we are in darkness for the blood of Jesus would have no power on us to cleanse and forgive. To live in the light is to let the light of God come in through the forgiveness of sins. Hence confession and repentance are the keys to walking in the light and have fellowship with the Father.

The confession of sin is a lost art within the Christian community. Everybody wants to present his good side and we seldom condemn sin as it is. Some liturgical churches might have confession of sin as part of the worship service, the Catholics might have the confessional for parishioners, but actual day-to-day confession of sins is foreign to many believers.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. The way to take care of darkness is to invite the light to come into our lives through confess of our sins. Start confessing your sin now.

Ps 132:13-18     Dan 7:1-28     1 John 1:1-10     Prov 28:23-24

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