November 6 - A Weak Will

Sin not only weakens our spiritual sensitivity by attacking our conscience, it also cause our will to be weak. The Apostle Paul laments at the inability of our human will to stop doing what is evil and to begin doing what is good. It is so easy to stay in sin and darkness, losing our will to really live our lives. The hardening of the heart is a sure sign of losing the faculty of our will, forcing us to stay where we are instead of going towards God and salvation. True freedom in Christ is to truly exercise our free will to do God’s will.

When the prophet Ezekiel rebuked the unfaithful nation of Israel, despite of God’s saving grace and giving them the will to live, they went after other gods, committing sexual immorality with the idols. So the prophet called them shameless and with an amazingly weak will. This human weakness is also evident in the giving of the law. The former commandment is set aside because of its weakness and uselessness. It can make nothing perfect mainly due to the inability of people to satisfy the demands of the law. Without a strong enough will, it is impossible to get right with God.

The sin of unfaithfulness can do two things to the sinner: reinforcing his will to do evil and weaken his will to do good. As Israel was intended on idolatry and immorality, they could not exercise their free will to get away from sin. A strong willed person is at the same time one with a weakened will. It all depends on how one applies his or her will to do. The redemption of our will only comes when we are Spirit-controlled. Through the confessing of our sins of unfaithfulness and asking the Holy Spirit to fill us can we experience the cleansing of our will.

The Book of Hebrews compares two types of spirituality: the one that is based on rules and regulations and the one that is based on relationship with God. The better covenant is the new covenant by the blood of Christ. Only He can save us to the end and make intercession for us. He can not only cleanse our conscience but also our heart and will. It was Jesus who said, “Not My will but Yours be done”. His will is submitted to the perfect will of the Father and in so doing, received a better will to make the right decisions.

Do you want to receive God’s will as your will? Are you a stubborn and strong willed person? Are you insisting on the wrong things but have not yielded your will to the will of God? Pray like Jesus now: “Not my will but Yours be done”. Give up your own little will so that perfect will of the Father can become yours. Confess your sins of idolatry before God and receive God’s divine will as your will. Begin to make all the right decisions now.

Ps 119:121-128     Ezek 14:12-16:42     Heb 7:18-28     Prov 27:4-6

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