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December 2 - The Prayer that Moves the Hand of God

The prophet Daniel had a powerful prayer life, not only he prayed three times each day facing Jerusalem, he prayed the prayers that moved the hand of God and brought response from the heavenly realm. An angel, Gabriel, was dispatched to attend to him and fight for his cause. Our prayers need not stay on earth but can go up to God for Him to act on our behalf.

The beginning of Daniel’s prayer was that he first received a praying assignment from the Word of God. By reading the Word of the Lord through the prophet Jeremiah, he came to realize the number of years that must pass before the end of the desolation of Jerusalem, namely, seventy years. Knowing God’s timetable, he was given the assignment to confess on behalf of his people, Israel.

So he turned his face to the Lord, seeking Him in prayer and supplication for mercy with fasting and sackcloth and ashes. The conviction from the Word was so powerful that he had to make drastic measures to fast and pray. Notice he was doing identification repentance for his country, the people, the leaders, the kings, the princes and even their fathers. All of them did not heed the voices of the prophets but kept sinning against God.

No person is standing alone. Horizontally he is linked with his people, his country, his culture and his race. Vertically, he is associated with his ancestors on the father’s side and on the mother’s side. So when an individual comes before God in confession, he can represent himself, his horizontal and vertical associations and ask God for forgiveness because he is their representation. Daniel did just that and God responded immediately to him as he pleaded guilty of the iniquities committed.

While Daniel was speaking and praying, confessing the sins of him and his people, the angel Gabriel came to him in swift flight at the time of the evening sacrifice. Gabriel was to give Daniel insight and understanding as a result of his prayers. When he just had started to pray, the answer came right away for he was greatly loved. So the angel told about the mystery of the seventy weeks.

Years later, Daniel was mourning for three weeks and saw a vision of God. Then an angel touched and spoke to him about what had happened. He affirmed that Daniel’s prayers were heard and he was sent because of his prayers. The reason why he was delayed was due to the Prince of Persia withstanding him for 21 days. Michael, another angel went to help him and fought against the enemy. Later, the Prince of Greece was also mentioned. So when we pray, something will happen in the spirit realm for prayer is a spiritual warfare weapon. Use your weapon more now.

Ps 134:1-3     Dan 9:1-11:1     1 John 2:18-3:6     Prov 28:27-28

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