February 14 - The Resurrection Message

The resurrection of Jesus is the greatest event in human history, He did not just come to earth but He gave His life on the cross and completed salvation by being raised from the dead. This is the crux of the gospel message and it is to be told to the ends of the world. The original mandate of Genesis 1:28 to humankind for them to multiply and fill the earth, to subdue and bring God’s rule over the world was upended by sin. Jesus had to come and took care of the sin problem so that we may once again fulfill God’s plan for creation.

The Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations is a reflection of the original mandate to multiply and fill the earth. Baptizing and teaching the disciples to observe all the teachings of Jesus is to bring in God’s dominion over every person and every place. The resurrection power and authority of Jesus would be ours if we do what was commanded. The presence of Jesus would be our assurance that the Great Commission could be fulfilled one day.

In the Great Commission, the operative verb is “Go”. It is in the present imperative, a command that is to be observed. If no one goes, the resurrection message would not be proclaimed. If we heed the command and go, then Jesus would go with us. His power of the resurrection would become ours and His authority would be conferred on us. All we need to do is to go. Without going, none could see the power and glory of the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

The angel on the resurrection morning came down from heaven and rolled back the stone. His appearance was like lightning and his clothes were white as snow. He declared to the women the words of Jesus concerning His death and resurrection, he invited them to go closer and take a good look at the empty grave. Then, he urged them to go quickly and tell the other disciples. The first witnesses to the resurrection were not to stop at the grave but had to go and tell.

Jesus met the women on the way and after greeting them with “shalom”, He told them not to be afraid but to go tell it to their brethren. The disciples were to go to Galilee to meet with the risen Lord. After meeting with the Lord, the women were to go and tell. All our experiences with the Lord, all our knowledge about Him and all our witnessing to His power and might are not for our own enjoyment, it is for telling others about Christ and His salvation.

Today, many are still mired in their unbelief about Jesus. They believe in the lies others tell concerning Jesus. Even His followers have doubts about Jesus. This is why you need to step out, to go and tell others about Jesus. Are you ready to go?

Ps 25:8-15 Exo 37:1-38:31 Matt 28:1-20 Prov 9:9-10

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