February 20 - Two Types of Fire

When we serve the Lord, we must know the difference between holy fire and profane fire. Both look alike and can consume the sacrifice we bring before God. However, their origins are very different. Holy fire proceeds from above while profane fire proceeds from below. God is pleased with the former but will judge the latter.

Holy fire comes from the holiness of God. We have to worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness. When His voice comes, it is like strikes of lightning, shaking up everything and the temple is filled with His glory. After Moses and Aaron blessed the people with raised hands, entering and coming out of the tabernacle, the glory of God was revealed to the people. Fire came down from Jehovah’s presence and consumed the burnt offering. All the people shouted for joy, seeing the holiness, power and majesty of the Lord, they fell on their knees in worship. This is holy fire, proceeding from the holiness of God and resulting in worship of God’s people.

There is, however, another type of fire that is called profaned fire or common fire. It is not from above but from below. The origin is human, not divine. The two sons of Aaron filled their censers with unauthorized fire that was not from the Lord. The holy fire came again from the presence of Jehovah and consumed the two. Moses then spoke to Aaron the Word of God, “Among those who are near Me, I will be sanctified, and before all the people I will be glorified.” All those who serve the Lord must be sanctified so that God would be glorified among the people.

It is rare to see anyone on fire for the Lord. For those who are on fire, they must check whether it is holy fire or profane fire. Many are operating on profane fire, doing the things they want, attempting great things for the Lord and going after their own personal passions. Some who are on the mission fields are there because they want to make a difference. Without God’s authorization and mandate, they are building up their own little empires, doing ministries without the direction or empowerment from above. The flesh with its passions and fire may produce some initial results but these results are not pleasing to the Lord.

Divine, authorized fire comes from above, originating from God’s glory and holiness. It is not about personal interest or passion, it is about God’s will and passion. Both kinds of fire are burning but one kind burns without the glory of God, it only reflects the glory of man. God is not pleased with any self-originated fire, He wants us to go after the divine fire. Are you on fire for the Lord? Is it divine or profane fire? Is your ministry a result of God’s call or you do it out of your own passion? Are you following after your own passion or after God’s heart?

Ps 29:1-11 Lev 9:7-10:20 Mark 4:26-5:20 Prov 10:6-7

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