February 23 - Interruption or Opportunity?

We are all creatures of habit and we like to establish a routine for our lives. It would take us a lot of effort to change what we have gotten used to. When I am tired, I just want to cool and chill, not to engage in any activity that may require mental participation. Monday is my rest day, my only day off of the week, it is best that no emergency happen to my church people that I need to go and take care. I spend Mondays with my family and it is almost as sacred as going to church on Sundays. For the sake of my own routine, interruptions are usually not welcomed.

When we look at the typical day in Jesus’ life, it was filled with interruptions. After the apostles’ return from a mission journey, Jesus was there to listen to their reports. They all gave accounts of what they had done and taught. It was a precious time the Teacher spent with His disciples. Afterwards, Jesus told them to come apart for a while and rest in the wilderness. The disciples must be tired and because of all the people around them, they did not even have time to eat. In short, their lives were filled with interruptions to the point that they could not carry on their daily routine of eating regular meals.

So the disciples went on a boat heading for the wilderness to rest. However, their great plan was deterred as people went ahead of them and greeted them as they got off the boat. A great crowd was there and their plan to rest was interrupted. Jesus did not see this as an interruption but as an occasion to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of these people. He used the interruption as an opportunity to feed their souls and bodies. The needs of other people are more important than your own little routines and plans. God uses the interruptions in our lives so that others may be served.

The next time when the disciples went on a boat to a desolate place to rest, they were again interrupted, this time not by people, but by a storm. It came out of nowhere and hit them when they were beginning to relax and looking forward for a time off from the people. In their moment of danger, Jesus walked on water and saved them. Accidents do happen to us, out of nowhere and threaten our routines and plans. Like heavy downpour on the day of the picnic, like a sudden illness on the eve of the annual vacation, like a groom getting into an auto accident on his way to the church wedding and so on. We all have such experiences of inconvenience and interruptions as we are doing something important.

Are you being interrupted from your routine and plan? Do you get frustrated as these things are happening? Ask God whether it is His way of telling you that these are actually opportunities for you to serve others and experience His presence.

Ps 31:1-8 Lev 14:1-57 Mark 6:30-56 Prov 10:11-12

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