March 12 - Sino-somatic Illnesses

It is proven that our soul, or our psyche, may cause illness in our body. They are usually called psychosomatic illnesses. The cause for stomach ulcers, for example, could be caused by anxieties and worries in our psyche. Some headaches are the results of tension and stress. This is common knowledge.

The human being is made up of three parts: spirit, soul and body. They are not only interrelated, any weakness in one part would usually affect the other two parts. As the soul can affect the body, the spirit of a person can cause illness in the body as well. This, may I call it “sino-somatic” illnesses. The psalmist, because of his sins, was experiencing illnesses in his soul and his body. Sins weaken one’s spirit and consequently, illnesses may come to the soul and the body.

For his body, there was no health in his bones. His wounds would stink and fester, his body totally bowed down and prostrate. His sides were filled with burning and there was no soundness in his flesh. His strength failed him, the light of his eyes was gone. His sins and iniquities had taken away his health and he was suffering physically.

For his soul, he felt the weight of God’s hand, the rebuke of the Holy Spirit. His sins created a heavy burden that was too heavy for him. He went about the day in mourning. The feeling within him was feeble and crushed, he groaned because of the tumult of his heart. He sighed and his heart throbbed. When he needed help the most, his friends and companions went away from him while his enemies kept plotting to bring harm to him.

Our weakened spirit is often the cause for emotional and physical illnesses. When we make wrong decisions, there is no rest for our soul. The heaviness in our spirit is reflected in a loss of joy in our soul and a loss of health in our body. As we are separated from God because of sin, we are also separated from our friends and loved ones. Sin brings separation and alienation to our lives as well. It affects us spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially. We must be reconciled to God in order to have soundness in our spirit, soul and body.

When you are right with God, you may then enjoy real health. Divine health comes only when you are walking with the Lord in holiness. Holiness, the wellness of the spirit, results in the wellness of the soul and the body. Are you suffering from any kind of illness today? Seek the Lord to see if this is a case of sino-somatic illness. The quickest way to obtain healing is not to go to the doctors but to confess your sins and iniquities. Cry out to God and ask Him for forgiveness, and healing will come.

Ps 38:1-12 Num 16:41-18:32 Mark 16:1-20 Prov 11:7

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