March 15 - The Wisdom of an Animal

The psalmist was fully aware of the relationship between his sins, transgressions and the miseries or sufferings in his life. God will not look over our sins but will stretch out His hand to rebuke and discipline the sinner. He realized that it was God who had done all those things against him in judgment. When we sin, God would become our adversary instead of being our help. The only way is to cry out to Him and ask for forgiveness.

When we are in sin, we are deaf and dumb spiritually. Like the psalmist, we may shut up our mouths and not seek God in prayer. Our ears are plugged up so we cannot hear the voice of God. Like Balaam, our eyes are on other things instead of on God and our hearts are fixed on our own needs and wants. When our attention is drawn away from God, God could speak to us in many ways to draw our attention.

In Balaam’s case, he was focused on his own ways, going in one direction instead of seeking God’s will for his life. He was presumptuous, assuming he was doing God’s will but deep inside, he was running his own life. He used many religious terms but could not cover up his background of divination. Sometimes we use pagan methods in doing God’s work and in relating to Him. Using religious or “Christian” jargons would not make it right or righteous in God’s sight. So God used a very interesting way to stop him in his path.

If you are intended on doing something against God’s will, you would become oblivious of what is happening. Balaam lost some of his thinking faculties: he did not see the angel, he was not surprised at the donkey opening his mouth to speak human words. The only thing in his mind was to go ahead to accomplish his own plan, going straight forward without considering a change in his life’s direction. God had to wake him up so that he might see into the supernatural and repent.

God is sending warning after warning to us when we are moving away from His will and purpose. However, when we are so involved with what’s happening with our lives, we cannot hear and see into the supernatural. It is so easy to lose our contact with the Lord and then our spiritual faculties would be lost. Spiritual insensitivity would move us further and further away from God and His purpose for our lives. God may send an animal to speak or bring something out of the ordinary to warn us, to shock us back into reality. Sometimes an animal could have more wisdom than us if we do not exercise our spiritual faculties that animals do not have.

Are you exercising your spiritual side of your being? Are you focusing on a goal in your life to the exclusion of the supernatural? Go listen to God now.

Ps 39:7-13 Num 22:21-23:30 Luke 1:57-80 Prov 11:12-13

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