March 31 - Copy the Word

God knew that one day, Israel would have her own king to rule over them. Throughout the history of Israel, there were good kings and there were bad kings. Good kings brought in the blessings of God and the nation would prosper. Bad kings departed from God’s ways and would bring the nation into disaster. So the character and spiritual life of the king was of utmost importance. It is most interesting to see how God instruct the future kings of Israel on how to be king. It had something to do with copying the Word of God.

To ensure the integrity and good character of the future kings, all who was going to sit on the throne should write for himself in a book a copy of the law, approved by the Levitical priests. This copy should be with him, and he should read it all the days of his life so that he might learn to fear the Lord and keep the laws and statutes of God. In copying and reading God’s Word, he was to learn humility, not lifting himself up above his brothers. In so doing, he might continue long in his kingdom.

If the king does that, he would set a good example for his subjects. Copying and reading the Word can instill a fear of God in our lives. Many believers read the Word but reading only engage limited senses in our body: the eye and the mind. But if we read the scriptures out loud, it engages our ears also, adding the hearing faculty. However, if we copy the word, it would involve our hands as well. The more senses you are engaging in going into the Word, the more you shall reap from the reading. No wonder the king had to copy the Word of the law.

The Word of the law is a law book, if we know more about the law, the less likely are we to break it. It is a guide for our conduct and the way of thinking. Through daily input of the Word, we can become more like Christ in all His fullness. The time with our Abba in heaven is a precious time, we speak to Him and He speaks to us. By copying His Word, we are making a statement that His Word is the most important thing in our lives. The effects are the same as with the king copying the Word. We can then learn to fear the Lord, be humble and have the kingly anointing.

We are to be kings in this world, our goal is to extend the Kingdom of God. All believers are to lead others that are not in God’s Kingdom. What we do is to kick out the ruler of this world, Satan, and to bring others into the Kingdom of light. Copying the Word gives us such anointing and authority to rule.

How is your time with Abba each morning? Do you do it in a rush or actually spending time with the Lord? Are you reading the Word from an electronic device without copying it down by hand? Begin now to copy the Word, you will enjoy it!

Ps 46:1-7 Deut 16:1-17:20 Luke 9:7-27 Prov 12:8-9