March 5 - How Mistakes are Made

The Sadducees, rejecting the possibility of the resurrection of the dead, came to challenge Jesus’ teaching with a carefully crafted story about seven brothers and one wife. The problem was that if all seven men had married the same woman, who would be the real husband at the resurrection. Jesus’ answer pointed to the mistake they made because of two major deficits in the Sadducees: they did not know the Word of God nor the power of God.

Mistakes are made because of our view of God’s Word and God’s power. The Sadducees did not know the Word of God when God spoke to Moses, declaring that He was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is not God of the dead but God of the living. He is alive and living, surely He can bestow life to the dead! This is God’s power being underestimated by these people. God’s Word confirms His power. They also could not understand the resurrection state and the existence of angels. In the world to come, there is no marriage to speak of!

The reasons why we need to know the Word and experience the power of God in our lives is to avoid making mistakes. We make wrong decisions because we are biblically illiterate and deep inside, we do not believe in God’s power. In other words, many believers are living outside the Kingdom of God where God is only a notion or a ticket to heaven. The devil also believes in God but with fear and trembling because he does not come under the Kingdom of God but sets up his own little kingdom in opposition to God.

We must know God’s heart and will as expressed in His Word. This is His Kingdom agenda and the way God operates. Without the Word, we would all be in the dark and act in ignorance, making mistakes upon mistakes. Not knowing His Kingdom power is also detrimental to our spiritual health. We would then rely on our own might to accomplish our own goals. We would then pray to ourselves and answer our own prayers. Many mistakes of life are made when we are deficient in these two areas.

Are you making any important decisions lately? The simple procedure to follow is to ask the first questions: “What does the Word of God have to say about this situation?” or “What is God’s heart and will in this matter?” Then a follow up question can be: “Is God’s power enough to bring this to pass?” or “If I follow God’s principles and directives, will He help me to do His will?” The Word of God, coupled with the power of God, is the foundation for all our decision-making. May the Lord give you wisdom from His Word and may His power be present in your lives.

Ps 35:11-18 Num 4:1-5:31 Mark 12:18-37 Prov 10:26

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