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May 2 - A Matter of the Heart

Today’s reading reveals many different types of human hearts. In the Psalms, we see the secret plots of the wicked and the throng of the evildoers. They shoot at the blameless and hold fast to their evil purpose. They search out injustice, showing that “the inward mind and heart of a man are deep!” When the wicked carry out their purposes in life, they can go a long way in coming up with plans and plots to trap others into becoming their victims. This is the height of human sinfulness and all of us have such potential within us because of sin.

The Book of Proverbs also identifies the heart conditions of different kinds of people: those who have quick temper acting foolishly, those devising evil are hated by others. The simple of heart will inherit folly while the prudent are crowned with knowledge. In the end, the wicked will bow down before the good; the wicked will be at the gate of the righteous. Whatever comes out of the heart has a way of guiding the life of an individual towards an end. As the ends are clearly stated, it is our choice whether to follow the way of righteousness or the way of wickedness.

Samson, although chosen and empowered by the Lord, had a heart that was not compatible with his calling. As a judge for Israel, he did not set a good example for the people he was leading. He was acting out of the flesh, quick to meet his own desires, yielded to anger and operated on vengeance. This blinded him from being prudent and eventually gave his enemies the secret to his strength and they overcame him. The loss of both of his eyes was indicative of the blindness of his heart, resulting in his capture by the Philistines.

Jesus’ heart was zealous for the house of the Lord. He cleansed the outer court of the temple of buying and selling. Even though many wanted to believe in His name, He did not give of Himself to them for He knew the heart of all man. He did not need others to testify to His greatness and so became dependent on them. Jesus trusted only His Father and no one else. Man’s heart is filled with evil and cannot be trusted. Are you trusting in any person instead of putting your complete trust in God?

How is your heart? Jesus knows your heart condition. Are you self-centered like Samson, always trying to get your way? Are you easily angered and lose control of your life? Is your heart upright or corrupted by the things of the world? It is vital that you keep your heart clean and pure so that you may discern the will of God. Samson lost his power because his hair was shaved. His hair was a sign of his vow before the Lord. Through the vow, he set apart himself for the Lord and so the Lord could use him. Is your heart true and faithful to the Lord? Is the power of the Holy Spirit on you to give you victory today?

Ps 64:1-10 Judg 15:1-16:31 John 2:1-25 Prov 14:17-19

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