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June 26 - The Value of Human Life

After declaring the character and attributes of God, the psalmist continues on to describe the relationship between this all present, all knowing and all powerful God to His most precious creation, the human life. God does not only give us our being but also our worth and value. The creation process of human life says it so succinctly in the psalm.

God forms our inward parts carefully like knitting it together in the wombs of our mothers. The formation is so painstakingly done that it is like a weaver making a cloth, weaving and knitting many threads together to form a beautiful pattern. Our Creator is more than a weaver: whatever He makes, He does it with perfection. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made for God never makes a mistake. You are not an accident, you are made with the utmost care and the end result is for the glorify of God for you are His workmanship.

Before our frame is made, when the weaving was made in secret, God has already seen our unformed substance. He writes it in the Book of Life and there are days that He has allotted to each one of us. Even before we live out our first day of life, God has given us precious and vast thoughts. The number of His thoughts toward us is tremendous, cannot be counted and infinite. When there is none that has given us any thoughts, God has already had a plan for our lives. We are here to live out God’s wonder plans for our lives instead of trying to make something out of our lives.

Paul echoes what the psalmist has to say in Athens when he introduced the Creator God to the Athens and told them about God’s unique relationship with them. He told them that God is spiritual and cannot be expressed through physical means. God does not need us but we need Him. He is the One who gives us our life and breath and everything. We live, move and have our being in Him. He did not only make us but has total control over our lives. Our spheres of movement, places of dwelling and how long we live are all in His hands. The reason is for us to seek Him and live the real life as He is not far from each one of us. He is going to come back and judge the world in righteousness one day.

Do you realize that your body, soul and spirit are from the Creator? You are unique, there is not another person in all of creation that is like you. God has woven you into being and you are a wonderful piece of work by the Creator. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Do not despise yourself, do not hate yourself because if you do that, you are despising and hating God who has made you. Repent the sin of self hatred and low self esteem now and declare who you are in Christ. There is no need to think too much about yourself, just ask God about His thoughts about you.

Ps 139:13-24 2 Kgs 9:14-10:31 Acts 17:1-34 Prov 17:27-28

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