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June 3 - Visionary Prayer

Psalm 126 is unique in that the first part is a dream followed by a prayer according to that dream. The psalmist dreamed of the restoration of the fortunes of Zion by bringing back the captives. He saw that one day, those who were forcibly taken into other lands would return to Zion. On their return, their mouths would be filled with laughter and their tongues with shouts of joy. All the other nations would say that the Lord had done great things for them. It is a picture of restoration, joy and jubilation, giving glory to the Lord who has made it all possible.

This is the vision the psalmist had concerning Israel. A vision is like a dream when all we desire come into reality. The more we dwell on a vision, the more encouraged we would be. A life without vision is dead and powerless. We must seek God for a dream and then pursue the dream with prayers. Without vision, people perish. Without vision, our lives would be without direction. Have you sought after God for a vision of your life? Have you ever wondered that if you were walking in God’s will and pleasure, what would your life look like?

If you have received a vision from the Lord about your life, then you can gauge whether you are successful or not successful, how much you have progressed and how much longer you have to go to fulfill the call of God in your life. Without a vision, you just exist from day to day without a being. To have a being from the Lord, you must know who you are and what do you supposed to do in this life. You have a part in God’s Kingdom and you need to find that out. He has given you gifts and life experiences so that you may be fully human and fully alive.

When you see what God sees, you would have visions beyond yourself. From where you are, the Lord is going to show you His visions for your church, your family, your community, your city, your nation and your world. When God releases visions to you, it is for you to bring them before Him in prayer. Vision is the fuel for all intercessions and prophetic intercession is to pray about the heart of God through what He reveals to you. Prayer without vision from God is empty and not praying out God’s heart. All prayer, including praise and worship, must be based on a vision of God Himself and how He sees the world.

Have you asked God for a vision for yourself? Do you know who you are and what you are supposed to be doing? Is your prayer visionary? Make it a habit now, before you pray, ask the Lord for a vision. Before you pray for your church, ask God for a vision concerning the church, then pray through it. When you are praying for your spouse, ask God for a vision of a perfect spouse, then act on it by praying. Remember, it is not your own vision, it is God’s.

Ps 126:1-3 2 Sam 20:14-22:20 Acts 1:1-26 Prov 16:18

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