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August 3 - A Child’s Reign

Josiah was a good king. He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and walked in the ways of David, and did not turn aside to the right or to the left. Even more remarkable was the fact that he started when he was a child. We do not often think that a child could have such spiritual capacities to walk in the ways of the Lord but Josiah, despite of the wickedness of his father, was determined at a young age to follow the Lord.

He was eight years old when he became king, when he was sixteen and was still considered as a boy, he began to seek the Lord. When he was twenty, he began to purge Judah and Jerusalem of the high places, the Asherim and the carved and metal images. He chopped down the altars of the Baals and cut down the incense altars. The land of Israel was thoroughly cleansed of all idol worship before he returned to Jerusalem. When he was twenty-six, the Book of the Law was discovered as he repaired the temple of the Lord. When Josiah heard the words of the Law, he tore his clothes in humility and inquired of the Lord. The Lord spoke through the prophetess Huldah to affirm him of his prayers and humility. His tender heart towards God was seen and his prayers heard. This gave Josiah the boldness to call the people together and renewed their covenant with the Lord.

In this day and age, we think that children do not have the spiritual capacity to walk with God or understand the Word and have a relationship with God. Josiah proved that the opposite is true. Children and youth can have the capacity to understand the Word as well as to have a relationship with God. Even preschool children can be taught to get close to the Lord and have God be the main part of their young lives. The earlier parents lead them to the Lord, the better course of life they would follow. Waiting till they grow up and can make up their mind is a lie of the enemy for us to waste all those precious moments when we can give input to their lives.

Most of the church’s children programs are aimed to please and keep the children entertained. Children do not need entertainment, if they do not get to know and get close to God, of course they would be bored. Their attention span may be short but only God’s presence can keep them occupied. Children programs without the presence of God are inferior entertainment programs and the children are not fooled. Yes, your children have the capacity to commune with God and have God be the center of their lives.

Are you investing into the next generation? You have to begin early with your children. Pray for them and introduce them to God as early as you could. Make God a natural part of their lives and see them blossom like Josiah the king.

Ps 82:1-8     2 Chron 33:14-34:33     Rom 16:8-27     Prov 20:19

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