September 23 - The Bondage of Addiction

Addiction is very common in today’s world and people can be addicted to substance abuse or to certain behaviors. From housewives addicted to soap opera to young teens addicted to video games or parents addicted to gambling, many families are facing bondages resulting from addictions. The root of addiction is seeking for something as a crutch to change the mood. In other words, people are looking for something to make them happy but unconsciously, they have fallen into a trap.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the inalienable rights of every American. Many surveys have revealed the chief end for many people is the idea of being happy. When a person is not happy, he will look for things and behaviors to make himself happy. Mood changing substances or behaviors thus become their idols and crutches.

Proverbs give us an accurate picture of addiction to wine. The beginning questions are a checklist of symptoms of wine addiction: feelings of woe, of sorrow; relational difficulties of strife, of complaining and wounding without cause; and the physical symptom of the redness of the eyes. Addiction changes a person’s mood and feelings, causing relational hardships and physical illnesses.

The temptation of wine comes with a promise of happiness, the red wine looks good and sparkling in the cup, going down smoothly, giving a sense of wellness as one drinks it. What is hidden is a Satanic plot to get one into bondage. Wine as a neutral substance can be used by the devil to hurt people. In the end, addiction to wine can bite like a serpent and sting like an adder. The serpent or snake imagery is clearly demonic. When a neutral substance is seen as a crutch for happiness, the whole thing becomes idol worship. When we depend on other things for our happiness as a habit, we sin against God.

Addiction changes our personality, our senses and faculties. Addicted persons see strange things and think perverse thoughts. Physical illusions like seasickness are common while the numbness prevents a person from all kinds of feelings. The only thing an addict can think of is to get sober so that he can drink more. What a perfect picture of addiction and bondage.

The Israelites did not think that God could meet all their needs and so they went to other idols to meet their needs. So they could not see, think or understand, like a drunken person. Idols are empty and nothingness, cannot see, hear or speak. Those who are addicted are like idol worshippers, losing their faculties. Are you seeking for happiness outside of the Lord? You are in danger of getting addicted.

Ps 106:6-12     Isa 41:17-43:13     Eph 2:1-22     Prov 23:29-35

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