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September 30 - God’s Heart for the Church

Zion is the city of God and the embodiment of the nation of Israel. God has a plan and an expectation for Zion: to rise and shine, be glorious, joyful and beautiful like the groom and the bride. The city of God is supposed to be a city of happiness, filled with light and not darkness, with joy and not sadness, with praises and not complaining. Every day is like a day of the wedding banquet, with the bride and the groom adorned with beautiful robes, ornaments and crowns of flowers. The Kingdom of God is like a party where all evil and darkness are removed.

Is this supposed to be the condition of the church today? Why is it that many of the believing communities are in sadness and defeat? How come darkness looms over many of our places of worship? Why is it that our worship services are like funerals and not like wedding banquets? Why are Christians downcast, cannot shine and harboring bitterness and disappointments? Like Zion, the churches of today must see how God’s glory may be restored.

God calls Zion to rise up and shine for the light of the Lord has come to her. This light is the light to the Gentiles and many will come to God’s glory. When the Gentiles come to Zion, they will bring in the wealth of the nations with them. God is going to glorify His house for His temple is the place where He reveals His glory. When God’s presence is in the house of worship, unbelievers will come for they can see that it is the footstool of God. People can see salvation and praise on the walls of our churches for God is the light.

When the Holy Spirit anoints the church, the church is then empowered to preach the good news, proclaim healing and freedom to the captives and declare the year of God’s favor. As God’s glory comes to His people, all who mourn are comforted, beautiful headdress will replace ashes, the oil of gladness will take the place of the mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit. When God is there, His people will naturally praise Him and bring more glory to His name. They will serve as the servants and the priests of God, enjoying the wealth of the nations brought in by the Gentiles.

The most important work for the church is to bring in the presence of God. When God is in His holy temple, the whole world will have to keep silent and submit to God’s sovereignty. People do not come to the Lord because of the lack of God’s presence in His church. The churches are suffering from shortage of funds because the wealth of the nations has not come to them. Arise and shine, church, for your light has come. God is ready to come in, are you ready for Him? May His house be a house of God’s glory and presence. Pray daily for this to happen to your church.

Ps 107:17-22     Isa 60:1-62:5     Phil 1:27-2:18     Prov 24:11-12

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