February 6 - Living in God’s Presence

To walk with God is to live in His presence. Enoch did just that and he was no more, he did not experience death but walked right into heaven. For him, on earth was like in heaven. He was walking with God while conducting his daily affairs, like eating, drinking, getting married and having children. It is like the Lord’s Prayer, asking for heaven to come to earth: “on earth as it is in heaven”. Even though the earth is a terrible place, but God’s presence with us can bring heaven on earth.

The devil’s scheme is to bring hell on earth, his kingdom is a kingdom of darkness. Wherever he is, hell is there. He pollutes the world, the mind, human relationships, institutions, nations and peoples. God’s plan is to bring His presence all over the world. This is what Jesus meant when He said that the Kingdom of God is at hand. When we repent and believe, the Kingdom of God would come to us. Jesus’s plan is to bring heaven to earth through changing the lives of people, one at a time.

The covenant God made with Israel consists of three parts: that He is their God, that they are His people and that He would live among them. The ultimate purpose of becoming a child of God is to walk with God and bring His presence wherever you go. The Book of Exodus begins with the Red Sea salvation experience and it ends with the completion of the tabernacle, from salvation to presence. The Tent of Meeting was for people to meet with God, not with one another. God told them to build the tabernacle because He wanted to live among and walk with His people. He was to speak to Moses from the Mercy Seat above the Ark of the Covenant, telling him everything he needed to know.

The seventy elders also saw God, spent time in His presence and beheld His glory while they ate and drank. It is possible to live in God’s presence while conducting your daily routine. This is the key to your Christian life. When the psalmist was blessing the king, he blessed him with joy in the presence of the Lord. When you have the Lord, you have everything for there is no good thing apart from Him. When the Israelites experienced His presence, good things were going to happen. He was going to bless their food and water, take away their diseases, extend their lifespans, give them children and descendants, as well as victories over their enemies and eventually inherit the land that was promised to them.

Are you living in His presence? Do you bring God everywhere you go? Do you spend time with Him in the Holy of Holies? Does He speak to you from the Mercy Seat? Are you aware of Him? Do you go up to the mountain to meet with Him? How much is He a part of your life? Are you in need, physically, emotionally and spiritually? He is the Key to your life and you may walk with Him today!

Ps 21:1-7 Exo 23:14-25:40 Matt 24:29-51 Prov 7:24-27

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