February 7 - Wisdom and Knowledge

Knowledge is to know about things, the absence of it means ignorance and ignorance may hurt us. The pursuit of knowledge often enriches our lives. Wisdom is how you apply the knowledge that you have gained. Knowledge without wisdom would not benefit anyone. God gives us wisdom and knowledge to live our lives. They are also spiritual gifts for the edification of the body of Christ.

Both wisdom and knowledge are grounded in the fear of the Lord, as the Book of Proverbs states time and again. Wisdom is calling the simple and foolish ones to learn prudence and sense. What wisdom offers are noble things, from his lips come what is right and true. Wisdom hates wickedness and anything that is twisted and crooked. Only righteousness comes out from true wisdom, we need this kind of wisdom to apply the knowledge we have gained. Wisdom brings discretion to avoid evil, pride and arrogance. In a word, wisdom is needed when we make decisions in life.

Wisdom is like light in the path of life, showing us direction and bringing us understanding. It is like the lampstand in the Holy Place, ever lit, never goes out. From evening to morning, the sons of Aaron tended the lamps to make sure there was enough olive oil in them. This is also the problem with the foolish virgins, caught without oil in their lamps when the Bridegroom suddenly appeared at midnight. All ten virgins had no prior knowledge of the coming of the Bridegroom and they all fell asleep. The wise virgins were prepared with extra oil in their flasks for the lamps in case they ran out.

The parable of the talents is also a parable on wisdom. Those who were given five and two talents had the common sense to multiply the talents given to them while the one with one talent had the wrong idea of hiding it in the ground. The knowledge of the lazy servant about the master was incorrect and he acted on incorrect knowledge. Incorrect knowledge about the harshness of the master caused his paralysis and inaction. He also did not know about the principle of accountability, the Kingdom of God is not about keeping, it is about spending and giving. It is not about preserving but about expanding and multiplying.

Wisdom and knowledge are from the Lord. James tells us to ask God for wisdom. For Paul, the greatest knowledge is the knowledge of Christ, to know His resurrection power and to share in His sufferings. We may ask God for the words of knowledge and wisdom when ministering to others. God is pleased to use us but the foundation for exercising both gifts is always the fear of the Lord. Are you making some very important decisions in your life right now? Ask God for wisdom and knowledge.

Ps 21:8-13 Exo 26:1-27:21 Matt 25:1-30 Prov 8:1-11

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