March 8 - It’s Not Fair!

We live in a sinful world full of sinners, the only thing sinners specialize in is sinning. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3:23) When no one is righteous, justice is often perverted. The devil makes sure that there are injustice and inequity within the society so that everyone would get upset and angry. Most wounding we have received as we grow up is related to unfairness and injustice. When you think that you are treated unfairly, you would react and take the law into your own hands. Result? – More sinning!

This is how sin spread all over the world, by taking on the offenses of others, becoming angry and getting back in revenge. Sin breeds more sins and this is the way the devil rules over the world. Overcoming evil with evil only perpetuates sinful behaviors and lawlessness. Taking the law into one’s own hands would elevate the person to the status of a judge and a law enforcer. Much of the gossips, slandering, criticism and judging of others come out of our view of an unjust world.

So fretting over other sinners, jealous of their not getting caught or punished, taking the law into your own hands, are symptoms of not trusting in God and His goodness. These feeling often breed sin and more unrighteousness. When one revenges, it is very hard to be fair. Avengers usually overdo their acts, causing more damage than the offender deserves. That is why the Law requires an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, no overcompensation in the act of punishment! When we are angry about a situation or someone else, our anger is usually not righteous anger because we are all self-centered. We do a lot of things for self-protection and self- preservation.

Trusting in the Lord, not on the justice system or on what we think is fair, is the only way to overcome our inner anger towards injustice. Commit your ways to the Lord and delight in Him and He will give you the desire of your heart. We have to be silent before the Lord, wait for Him patiently and He will do it! All humble persons will inherit the land and enjoy abundant peace. Would you like to enter into God’s reality instead of being burdened down with the unfairness of the world?

Search your heart: are you angry at any injustice and unfairness in your life? Are you under oppressive situations and people? Have you been tempted to reach out your hand to “do something”? Is there peace in your soul, trusting the Lord with every situation? Do you want to do something instead of wanting to inherit something from the Lord? Remember, all anger are not justified for we are not completely fair and righteous ourselves. Refrain from avenging wrongs, leave it to the Lord, He is the Judge with full knowledge and understanding. Commit your way to the Lord!

Ps 37:1-11 Num 10:1-11:23 Mark 14:1-21 Prov 10:31-32

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