March 9 - A Meek and Faithful Prophet

Even before the days of Samuel, God raised up prophets in Israel. Moses was the prophet par excellence, the prototype for all other prophets after him. Later, he foretold that God would raise up a prophet like him, referring to the Lord Jesus Christ. From the incidents of the seventy elders and the opposition of Aaron and Miriam, we can have a glimpse of what the prophetic gifting is.

The prophetic gift (prophesy) came from above, given by the Holy Spirit. The Lord distributed some of the Spirit that was on Moses to the seventy elders and they all prophesied. Eldad and Medad, two of the seventy, were not present with the others but also prophesied in the camp. Joshua reported that to Moses but Moses had a big heart, saying, “Would that all the Lord’s people were prophets?” Like the apostle Paul, Moses realized the importance of the prophetic in bringing God’s Word to the people by the power of the Holy Spirit. Paul urged the believers in Corinth to desire for such a gift.

When the Holy Spirit came on the prophet, the prophet would then see visions and dream dreams. God might speak to them in riddles for them to interpret and come up with the Word of God to the people. Moses, however, was different in that God spoke to him face to face, like a friend. As a prophet, Moses enjoyed intimacy with God and he knew God’s heart, so it was easy for him to know what God was saying. As a prophet of God, Moses foretold things about Israel and forth-told what the Lord had to say to His people.

Unlike some other prophets, Moses was not proud and was faithful in all of God’s house. He was not presumptuous but humble and meek, not lording over the people because of his unique leadership position. Moses was a prophet with godly character and the Lord confirmed his prophetic office by sending judgment on Aaron and Miriam.

Today, God is raising up many prophets, those who speak the Word of God into the situations of people, nations and the world. God can use you to give a prophetic word to others in need so that the Holy Spirit may work in their lives. When the Holy Spirit fills you, you may then receive words of wisdom or knowledge about another person and when you speak it, things would happen. Do not be proud if you have this experience. God’s heart was expressed through Moses, that all of His people would prophesy. What God is looking for is someone like Moses, filled by the Spirit, meek and humble, faithful in the house of God.

Are you experiencing the gift of prophecy? If not, ask God now for such a gift.

Ps 37:12-20 Num 11:24-13:33 Mark 14:22-52 Prov 11:1-3

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