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April 29 - Recognizing the Risen Lord

The two disciples on their way to Emmaus did not recognize the risen Lord when Jesus drew near to them and walked with them. It could be their disappointment with the death of their Master, it could be due to their lack of understanding of the Scriptural account concerning Jesus, it could be because of their slowness to believe and so they were kept from recognizing Jesus. Their knowledge of Jesus was plainly stated: a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people, just a human being but not divine. When their understanding was veiled, they treated Jesus as another normal person.

To be a follower of Jesus is to recognize the presence of the risen Lord in our lives. He walks with us on the way, He is in our homes, He is at our dinner table, He is in our fellowship of believers and He walks with us. When we follow Him, we have to be cognizant of His presence. His presence brings us peace, joy, blessings, understanding of the Word, strange warmth in our hearts, power from on high, praise and worship. His presence can turn despair to hope, from sadness to joy, from weakness to strength.

The presence of the Lord can turn a regular dinner table into the Lord’s Table. As the disciples were sharing the meal with Jesus, Jesus would do what He had done before: took the bread and blessed it and broke it and gave it to the disciples. What a wonderful reminder of the Last Supper and the disciples immediately recognized Jesus. In our daily routine, the Lord’s presence can turn something ordinary into extraordinary. Miracles can happen, people can be changed, our understanding of the Word can be improved, and our hearts can be warmed all because of the presence of the risen Lord.

The presence of the Lord can change our direction in life. The two disciples were walking away from Jerusalem but after encountering the risen Lord, their footpaths were turned back to Jerusalem where the Lord told them to wait for the power from on high so that they may proclaim repentance and forgiveness of sins in His name to all nations. Instead of going back home, they received a new assignment for their lives. The ascension of Jesus further confirmed that He was from above, from the bosom of the Father. Now they were looking forward to be clothed with power from on high, what a wonderful expectation and hope!

Are you wondering what to do with you life? Are you going in one direction but have a feeling that God wants you to go in another direction? Do you seek after the presence of the risen Lord in your life? Are you following Him closely? Yes, He will meet you, talk with you, show you a new path and empower you for it. Trust Him!

Ps 61:5-8 Judg 9:22-10:18 Luke 24:13-53 Prov 14:11-12

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