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April 30 - Receiving Your Being from God

The lack of being is a very serious problem in our post-modern world. Many that are born after the eighties or nineties have lost their bearings in life, not having any motivation and live lives that are basically meaningless. The devil has stolen our basic beings and turned many of us into non-beings. The void or emptiness inside is very indicative of not having a personal identity. They do not know who they are, why they are here on earth and whom they belong to. Without a sense of mission, or even a purpose in life, many have drifted into nothingness and non-being.

Because of sin, the devil is changing something into nothing in opposition to God’s creative act of calling something out of nothing. The more a person is into sin, the more emptiness he would experience for he has gone into the world of darkness. Without light, there would be no life, no hope and no future. Many are operating under such circumstances and are totally lost. Only the coming of Jesus can change that.

God once again speaks to the emptiness of the human soul through His Word, Jesus His Son. He came as the Word from God to re-create the human beings. As He had called forth the creation from nothingness, He again calls forth the lost and void into existence once again. The light that is in Jesus becomes the life of man, giving us our beings once again. It is God the Father calling forth our beings from non-beings. He gives us life once again. Jesus, the Word of God, is the true light of the world.

For those who receive the Word of God, Jesus Christ, God will give them the right to become the children of God. This is amazing in that nothingness can once again become something. This is to reverse the work of the devil in turning something into nothing, turning beings into non-beings. From our void, the Father calls us out to be His children, giving us an identity and a purpose in life. The Word had to become flesh and live among those who are in darkness, who have lost their souls to the devil and who live in a void of darkness. The light of Jesus shines with the grace and truth from God. Through that, the glory of God can be seen.

When asked the question: “Who are you?” John the Baptist was very clear about who he was, what his purpose on earth was and what he was supposed to do. There was no confusion because he had his being in God. God is the ultimate Being, He called Himself “I am”. Because of “I am”, we can be “we are”. The great I AM gives the small I am our being.

Do you know who you are and whose you are? Do you have a purpose in life? Do you know your place in the Kingdom of God? Go to the Word and you will find out.

Ps 62:1-12 Judg 11:1-12:15 John 1:1-28 Prov 14:13-14

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