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May 30 - Lift up Your Eyes

The lifting up of your eyes to the One who is enthroned in the heavens is a very important daily exercise. Our eyes are often set on the world below where our threats come from. There are those who show contempt at us, there are those who scorn us and there are the proud or complacent people who do not respect us. The world is a mess because sinners are all over the place. If you want to be discouraged, be a student of men and what they can do to you. In an effort of self-preservation and protection, we often overemphasize the role of the enemy. If your mind is constantly filled with what is happening down here, your eyes would be fixed downwards and not upwards.

The Lord wants us to look up to Him, turn our eyes heavenward instead of earthward. By looking down, our hearts become downcast and sad about the conditions of humanity. Through looking to the Lord, our hearts are then up and lifted above the world of woes. In heaven, God is in charge, He is sitting on the throne and has full authority and rule. From heaven, God is going to shower us with His blessings and mercies. All good and perfect gifts come from above and from the Father of Lights.

It is not enough to look up, but also to keep looking up, or look to. Our eyes must follow the movement of the Lord, to see how He moves His hand and what direction He wants us to go. The hand is a pointer and for giving commands. Once our eyes are fixed on Him, we would know what He wants. We will know His heart and what we should do. A meaningless and purposeless life results from not seeing the Lord on His throne. This is our relationship: servants and Master. Once we get hold of our identity and position in life, we know what to do by following the directions of the Lord in heaven.

The result of looking to the Lord is for His mercy and grace to pour down on us. All good things are not the result of our own striving but come as gifts from God. This is our dependency on God, living a grace-based life. A gift is a gift and the Giver has His timing and plan. We all need to look to Him until He shows His mercy on us. We do not merit any mercy for grace is a free gift from God. There is no entitlement here on earth for we are not worthy of anything because of the fact that we are only servants serving the Master.

Where is your eyes looking at or looking to now, is it above or below? This explains your heart condition. Your well-being is a result of looking up for God’s mercy and your unhappiness is a result of looking down. Are you looking up or down? Turn your eyes upon Jesus now and begin to live!

Ps 123:1-4 2 Sam 15:23-16:23 John 18:25-19:22 Prov 16:10-11

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