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May 31 - To Fulfill the Scripture

Just like the birth of Jesus had many details in fulfilling the Scripture, His death again matched many of the Scriptural prophecies. Here in the Gospel of John, many fulfillments are pointed out to prove that Jesus is the Christ and that the Scripture are the Word of God. Here we learn that things do not just happen, they must happen according to a grand design: God’s plan. Nothing is an accident in the eyes of God because He is in control of all circumstances. If we accept this fact, our lives would be more exciting, watching the mighty hand of God working in our lives instead of lamenting on our losses and miscalculations.

When the soldiers divided up the garment of Jesus and cast lots for His tunic. Even such insignificant event became important because of its proof of the authority of the Scriptures. Even the simple words of Jesus on the cross, “I thirst”, are said to fulfill the Scripture. The soldiers did not know of the prophecy but Jesus knew the Scripture and He cooperated with the prophecy. Whether you know of the prophecy or ignorant of it, the fulfillment still comes. Sometimes when one follows the Scripture, he becomes a part in God’s eternal plan. The Word of God should be central to our lives so that we may be a part of history.

Jesus’ legs were not broken and water and blood gushed out when a soldier pierced His side. Both were foretold in the Scripture and both came to pass. None of His bones were to be broken and those who pierced Him shall look on Him. The water and the blood become strong symbols of our salvation by the cross and God made sure that every part would happen. Jesus could cooperate with the Scriptural prophecy but after His death, He could not. However, God is alive and He guided everything in conformity with the Scripture. His Word will not go out in vain but will fulfill what they were set out to do.

The two secret disciples of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, both showed up at the death of Jesus. They did not have the full faith but because of the fear of the Jews, they did not reveal their true identity till the very end. Should they keep their fear to the end, God’s plan would not have been carried out. Despite of their fear and the desire to protect themselves, they stepped up at the crucial moment, together, providing for the spices and the burial grave.

You may step up for Jesus now, this is the time for Jesus to be lifted up and draw many to Himself. Do you know that you have a part in history and your willingness qualifies you. There is no accident in life but God is there to make sure that His plan goes into fruition. Trust in Him now and be a part of His plan. Are you confounded by what is happening? You do not need to understand, He knows.

Ps 124:1-5     2 Sam 17:1-29     John 19:23-42     Prov 16:12-13

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