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June 10 - Let God be God

After forty years in the wilderness, Moses met God in the burning bush as God revealed Himself to him. For someone who had been brought up in the courts of Pharaoh, the knowledge of Jehovah God was something of a must for Moses. He came in full realization of the personhood and the work of God, preparing him for the mission that God had intended for him. His being, life and work were dependent on who God is and what God does.

The personhood of God is revealed through His personal name, “I AM”. He is the Source of all being and He is the Being from whom all other beings derive their existence. As Creator of everything, all created beings have their beings in Him. Apart from Him, none can exist. From the Being, beings like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob came to be. God interacted with them and made a covenant with them and their descendants. So when He introduced Himself, He could call on the names of the other beings He had created and spoken to.

God does not only exist as the eternal and first Being, He also sees what is happening in the world. His eye is on the created order and nothing escapes His attention. He had seen the affliction of His people who were in Egypt. The all-seeing God is also all knowing, to be able to see is to know what is going on. He sees what is going on in your life and in mine. Before we tell Him, He already knows. We cannot hide anything from Him and He is everywhere and all knowing.

The all seeing, all knowing faculties of God are also complemented by His all hearing abilities. He heard the groaning of the Israelites and He also hears the prayers of His people. God is a good listener, He hears and He also speaks to us. In difficult situations, He listens to our prayers, our groaning, our complaints, and He also speaks to us, giving us a piece of His heart. When we lack wisdom, He gives us wise advice. When we are sad, He comes along and comforts us. He is a God who is there for us.

He does not only see, hear and speak, He also acts. He came down to deliver the Israelites from the hand of Pharaoh by sending Moses and Aaron. He sent Joseph ahead of the family to preserve the line of Abraham. Eventually He sent His own Son to earth to save humankind. The Four Gospels are about the acts of Jesus and the Book of Acts is about the acts of the Holy Spirit, just like the whole Old Testament is about the acts of God the Father in creation and redemption.

God must be God in our lives so that who He is and what He does may become a part of our lives. Let us see who God really is.

Ps 130:5-8 1 Kgs 7:1-51 Acts 7:30-50 Prov 16:31-33

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