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June 9 - From Revelation to Consecration

Abraham came out from a very pagan background. In the land of Mesopotamia, people had many false ideas about who God is. Many practiced animism, believing that there were spirits in everything. Others worship many gods (polytheism) like the Greek and the Egyptians did. Still others who had Eastern influence, believed in pantheism, thinking that all reality is one and one is god. It was a big surprise that Abraham was the first person who came up with the idea of one Almighty God (monotheism).

How can someone who lived in a pagan environment and culture come up with such a brilliant and right idea about God? This question has puzzled me for years until I read the speech of Stephen before his martyrdom. Since all knowledge about God is revealed and come as revealed knowledge, Abraham did not come up with it by himself for Stephen said, “The God of glory appeared to our father Abraham when he was in Mesopotamia, before he lived in Haran.” God revealed Himself to Abraham and He spoke to him. Conversion is God-centered, it is He calling us and revealing Himself to us. Without the Holy Spirit, no one can call Jesus Lord.

The reason why God revealed Himself to us is because He wanted us to be different and separated from the world. After God reveal His glory to Abraham, He spoke to him and asked him to go out from his land and from his kindred. This is the beginning of sanctification, to go away from the land and people that might bring him back to paganism, from the environment of false beliefs and from a culture of idol worship. After Isaiah saw the Lord in the temple, he was to separate himself from the people with unclean lips and from his own wickedness.

To separate from the world is to be separated to God in consecration. When we take Jesus as Lord, we are to consecrate our lives to Him, to be the subject of His Kingdom and to be the slave of the Master. Our lives would never be the same and we no longer live for ourselves. Abraham was to go where God would show him, he was to go without even knowing where. This is the exciting life of a Christian, trusting and following without knowing. God spared Abraham of all his worries and anxieties, no need to think too much as he just followed directions from God.

Moses also saw God in the burning bush as God revealed to him. Then he was told to take off his sandals for the ground was holy ground. After that, his life’s destiny was given as God called him into His service in delivering the people of Israel. It is always revelation, sanctification and consecration. Has God revealed Himself to you? Are you separating yourself from the world and give your life totally to the Lord? Think on these things and God will show you your life’s destiny.

Ps 130:1-4 1 Kgs 5:1-6:38 Acts 7:1-29 Prov 16:28-30

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