November 19 - Tongue Cleansing

Time and again, Jesus tells us to watch what we say. In the end time, we are going to be judged by our words. What goes into our stomach has a way of getting out, but what comes out of our mouth can defile others for what we are filled with, we spill it out. So our tongue is the true expression of our self and we need to pay attention to what we say for it reflects our inner condition of the heart.

James advised against too many teachers for teachers teach with their tongue, imparting what is inside of them to others who sit under their teaching. If every word that we say is going to be under judgment, the more that we say, the more we are under God’s scrutiny. It is not to say that we should not teach others, but we need to be careful about what is inside of us so that what comes out may be clean and pure words. Yes, teachers are subjected to more severe judgment.

So the indication of our inner spiritual condition is the words that come out of our mouths. We can only be perfect, or mature, when our words are faultless. Do not underestimate the power of the tongue or treat it as a very small member of the human body. The control of the tongue means the control of the whole body, if the tongue is out of control, the fire of hell may come and consume the whole being. The first step to holiness is to control what comes out of our mouths.

Treat your words as fire, potentially the fire of hell from way under. Consider it poisonous, like the venom of snakes. Our words can edify others but also destroy them. We use our tongue to praise God but with the same mouth we curse others. Since we are filled with sin and evil inside, we speak lies to cover our own jealousies and selfishness. Our lies are in direct contradiction to the truth of God. Lying opens up our mind to worldly, fleshy and demonic wisdom that is not from above.

The cleansing of the tongue has to begin with the cleansing of the mind and thinking. We must use the Word of God to dwell in us so that we have the mind of Christ. His Word must replace our human words and His wisdom must eradicate our human wisdom. When we are pure, peaceful, gentle, humble, gracious and good inside, then whatever comes out of our tongue is clean and good, without hypocrisy or partiality. A person with such a tongue can bring peace to those around him. Begin to cleanse your tongue by watching what comes out of your mouth. Trace the source of these ungodly words by going deep inside of yourself. What is the fruit of your mouth? Is it all kinds of evil, selfishness, confusion and strife, or peace and humility? Ask God to cleanse you mind now by taking on the mind of Christ. Let His Word dwell in you to replace your human thinking. Then watch your words change for the better, changing those around you and bring peace to your environment.

Ps 125:1-5 Ezek 39:1-40:27 Jas 2:18-3:18 Prov 28:2


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