December 10 - God Knows

In our relationship with God, the most important knowledge about God is that God knows everything. God knows each person, He knows the nations and He knows the churches. His all-knowing power enables Him to come to our help, to judge our thinking and our doing, and to bring correction to our lives. If we live with this in mind, we would have been more careful about transgressing His laws and commands. We can be totally open before Him and there is no use to hide anything from Him. Only when we know that God knows would we begin to live our own lives in His presence.

The psalmist declares the knowledge of God about the individual. The Lord can search him and know him, He knows his sitting down and rising up; He discerns his thoughts from afar. He knows his ways and deeds. Even before a word is uttered from his mouth, the Lord knows it altogether. This kind of knowledge is too wonderful for him; so high that he cannot attain.

The prophet Amos brought the oracle of God to all the neighboring nations. He knew about the violence of Damascus, the betrayal of Gaza, the breaking of agreement on the part of Tyre, the anger and merciless of Edom, the cruelty of Ammon and Moab, the rebellion and idolatry of Judah and the oppressive acts of Israel. He would not do anything except after He had revealed His plan to the prophets. Only through His revelation do we know anything about God.

God knew about the works, the toil and the endurance of the church in Ephesus. They had not grown weary while enduring patiently. This church had tested the false apostles and could not bear with those who were evil. For the church in Smyrna, He knew about their tribulation and poverty and the slander from the synagogue of Satan. He knew about their upcoming persecution and admonished them to be faithful unto death. To the church in Pergamum, He knew that they were dwelling where Satan’s throne was. He knew that they had held fast to His name and did not deny the faith.

The all-knowing power of God qualifies Him to be the only One who can judge. He rebuked the churches, commended them on their faithfulness and offered them plans of repentance. At the end, only God could give rewards and promises to the overcomers. It is wonderful to walk with an all-knowing God. It is all right that you do not know everything. If God knows, that would be fine with you. You can trust in His goodness to you and His heart for your welfare. Are you walking with the all-knowing God? Are you hiding anything from Him? Tell Him what He has already known. Ask Him to search you and let you know about yourself more.

Ps 139:1-6 Amos 1:1-3:15 Rev 2:1-17 Prov 29:19-20


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