December 15 - The Knowledge of the Holy

As one of the writers of the Book of Proverbs, Agur son of Jakeh, gives a very interesting disclaimer about his condition. He declares that he is weary and worn out, probably in his quest for knowledge and wisdom. In the end, he knows that he is too stupid to be a man and does not have the understanding of a man. His only regrets are not able to learn wisdom or the knowledge of the Holy One.

All kinds of knowledge cannot be compared to the knowledge of the Holy One, the One who has ascended to heaven and come down; the One who has gathered the wind in His fists; the One who has wrapped up the waters in a garment; the One who has established all the ends of the earth. All Agur needs to know is His name and His Son’s name. To talk about wisdom and knowledge apart from the Holy One is an exercise in futility. It is not how much we know about God, it is how much He has revealed to us. Agur knows the key to his quest: know the name of God and the name of His Son.

When man stands in a rightful relationship with his Lord and Maker, when one knows who he is and who God is, when we accepts our limitations and dependence on God, we have achieved great wisdom and knowledge. All knowledge is subservient to the knowledge of the Holy One. Wisdom is to orient our lives according to God’s revelation and live in the fear of the Lord. So the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.

For this reason the Lord spoke through the prophets to His people, giving them wisdom on how to live by His standards. This would mean life and death for the individuals and for the whole nation. Sin must be dealt with or God would not look favorably on us. Rebellion towards God is the stupidest thing one can do. If God is God and we are not, what do we have to say about the rules of life? As a result, religion is not just about doing the right things but about relating rightly with our Lord and Master.

Like what Micah prophesied, in the latter days the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established as the highest of the mountains and all peoples will flow to it in order to receive God’s ways that they may walk in His paths. God’s judgment will be final and no other opinions can come against it. Only when God is in charge, only when His Kingdom comes on earth could the nations and the peoples live in peace. To know God’s heart, God’s mind and God’s will should be our utmost concern. Like Micah, we need to be filled with the Spirit and speak forth the Word of God. Are you a wise person? Do you have the knowledge of the Holy One? Let His Word and His Spirit work in you today.

Ps 140:9-13 Mic 1:1-4:13 Rev 6:1-17 Prov 30:1-4


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