December 19 - In the Morning

The morning marks the beginning of a new day. It offers hope and an end of darkness of the night. This daily cycle is necessary for us to know that our dark nights will not last and joy comes in the morning. In the morning, we meet with God and He is there always to encourage us. Guard your mornings and prevent it from taken over by the enemy. If God does not own your mornings, then your life can only be hopeless and gloomy as if the night continues. Your first words of your first awaken moment could be, “Good morning, Lord!” Yes, the morning is always “good” with “God” there with us.

David continues his plea for God’s help as his spirit faints and he cannot see God’s face. He does not want his life to be like those who go down to the pit but he wants to hear of God’s steadfast love in the morning. His love will restore his trust in the Lord as he lifts up his soul to Him. The morning is a good time for you to think of God’s steadfast and faithful love. He will not abandon you nor forsake you. He will not leave you as orphan but will come to you. Based on the love of God, David once again can ask the Lord to deliver him, to teach him, to lead him, to preserve him from his enemies and the adversaries of his soul.

When the prophet Zephaniah declares judgment on Jerusalem, he says that their judges are evening wolves that leave nothing till the morning. There is no hope for those who trust in their judgments for there will be nothing left for the morning. In contrast to that, the Lord within her is righteous. He does no injustice for every morning He shows forth His justice, each dawn He does not fail. The morning is a reminder not only of God’s steadfast love, but also of His righteousness and justice. Yes, God is righteous and just, He treats us fairly, He is the ultimate Judge of all things. You may wake up with a sense of injustice and unfairness, but just go to the just God and your unrest will be over. Do not look for justice elsewhere, not even the courts of the world. God is the Just One.

No wonder Jeremiah says in Lamentations that God’s mercies are new every morning for great is His faithfulness. He is faithful to those who call on Him in the morning for He gives us love and righteousness. Grace and truth comes from our Lord Jesus and they are the essential attributes of God. When we are affirmed in His love and truth, we may regain our perspectives, we can overcome depression, we can go on living and have the Spirit lead us on level ground. The love and justice of God will never cease to protect and teach us.

What do you do when you first wake up in the morning? After saying “Good morning, God!” you may then thank Him for His love and His justice.

Ps 143:7-12 Zeph 1:1-3:20 Rev 10:1-11 Prov 30:11-14


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