December 27 - Favor and Union

The strategy of the devil is to bring void into people’s lives so that they would frantically look for things to fill their void. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, thus creating emptiness in our lives. This condition is also called “sheep without a shepherd”. Without being led, the sheep wander all over the hillside, looking for anything to eat and drink. This is the picture of the world without Christ, our Good Shepherd.

Idolatry is the surest way to get one into a void. Zechariah talks about the household gods talking nonsense and emptiness; the diviners seeing only lies, telling false dreams and giving empty consolation. The idols are giving false hopes, falsely advertising what they can do for you but they cannot. They have ears but cannot hear, eyes that cannot see, mouths that cannot speak and noses that cannot smell. Those who worship idols are like them, mired in the pit of nothingness.

To many, entertainment is a way out of their daily routine so that they may rest, relax and kick back from the pressures of life. Most entertainments are based on the concept of void and nothingness. The toys that we play with are not real, the novels that we read are fabricated stories, and the soap operas on television are not true stories. They have a way of capturing our imagination and bringing us into their virtual worlds. Internet pornography and even video games are taking us into virtual realities, into something that is not real. Yet, many have gotten into these addictions, trying to change our moods.

These are the bad shepherds of our lives, taking us into a realm of void. When we are empty, anything and any being can come in. This is the beginning of demonization, or the attachment of the demonic in our lives. Instead of being filled with the Holy Spirit, some of us unknowingly have invited the opposite spirits to fill us. The latter condition will be much worse than the beginning.

God is going to do something, He is to shepherd the sheep by using two rods: favor and union. Favor is unmerited gift from God and union is the peace with one another. When we go to God for favor, trying to please Him, He will favor us with gifts that can satisfy our soul. As we live in peace and harmony with one another, the commanded blessing of God will also flow. Favor and union are the direct opposites of anger and strife. Instead of receiving from the Lord, we try to get it ourselves. In so doing, we compete and get angry. Striving is a direct result of trying to grab things to satisfy ourselves. In so doing, we shall break the staffs of favor and union.

Are you feeling lonely, empty and needy at times? Ask the Lord to shepherd you with His favor and union.

Ps 147:12-20 Zech 10:1-11:17 Rev 18:1-24 Prov 30:33


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