January 28 - The Root of Disobedience

Not too long ago did Moses return to his own people in Egypt and related to them through Aaron the plan of God to deliver them with accompanying signs. The people believed; and when they heard that the Lord had visited the people of Israel and that He had seen their affliction, they bowed their heads and worshiped. So with full confidence, Moses went before Pharaoh with his requests but the result was not what he had hoped for. Instead of letting them go, Pharaoh added to their hard work and misery. Then the people complained to Moses.

Moses asked God “why” twice and the Lord answered him by reaffirming who He is and what His covenant with Israel was. The answer to our “why’s” is always who God is to us. To that Moses was convinced. However, when Moses spoke thus to the people of Israel, they did not listen to Moses, because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery. Pharaoh knew how to break the spirit of the Israelites so that they wallowed in anguish. In such a condition, they could not respond to God in obedience. The devil is using this strategy to stop us from hearing and obeying God.

The response of the Israelites affected their leader, Moses greatly. He began to doubt whether God’s plan was a good plan. If his own people did not listen to him, how then should Pharaoh listen to him? All of a sudden, self-pity and self-blame set in for Moses, he declared that his lips were clumsy and unskilled. The monkey wrench that the devil had thrown at them actually was very effective in bringing the machinery of God’s plan to nothing through their disobedience.

The devil’s twin strategy to get us into disobedience is the anguish of spirit and cruel slavery. He makes our lives difficult and tries to wound our spirit in the process. When we are hurt and wounded, we focus on ourselves and when we are self-focused, we cannot see or hear God. This is the root of our disobedience. A harsh and demanding boss, a dead-end job, an unhappy marriage, rebellious children, financial difficulties, repeated accidents, broken relationships can bring in anguish of spirit for us. When you are in any of these situations, your focus will be taken away from God to the self. Sin and disobedience will not be far away.

Are you asking God repeatedly, “Why?” and there seems to be no answer? Moses asked God that same question and God’s answer is, “Me!” God is the answer to all of our questions. Go to Him and all your problems will be solved. He is able to deliver and save, just focus on Him and not yourself. Count on Him, He is merciful and kind, He is ready to help. The joy of the Lord is your strength, get out of your anguish and find God’s open arms welcoming you.

Ps 17:10-15 Exo 5:22-7:24 Matt 18:23-19:12 Prov 5:22-23


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